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 Date: 03/07/2004, 21:10:08
 Posted by: Anna
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 Subject: Maharaji is not a "master"
Maharaji often used the analogy of the master and the student. When the student goes to a master to learn maths, for example, the student has to pay attention, ask questions when necessary, and be open to learning about the subject that the "master" has mastered. Maharaji said he was similarly a "master", and that his subject was "knowledge". OK, so far, so good.

As a maths student, if I don't understand something, I ask the maths master and he tries his best to explain it to me, and helps me to understand. In fact, if he failed to explain clearly enough, he would question his teaching ability and may be even try to improve himself, as most genuine masters sincerely want to help their students.

Why then, as a master of knowledge, does Maharaji not respond to his students questions? Why doesn't he answer his students' questions? Any true master worth his salt would do so, IF HE REALLY CARED. After 30 years of knowledge, and sincere devotion, I have never once had any of my genuine and important (to me) questions answered.

In fact, there is no facility available for this to happen either. You can write to Maharaji, which I did a couple of times, and then gave up. I didn't receive a reply or even an acknowledgement.

You can email EV, (which I did once, and still haven't heard back), so again, you don't get a reply. You can, in desperation, contact any PAMs or people with connections that you know, in the hope of getting some influence to bear and have your important questions answered. Again, I tried this last year. I still haven't received a reply.

I know I won't get an anwer. It's like a brick wall, impenetrable and silent. He is not a master. If he was, he would have ANSWERED MY QUESTIONS!!!!! He is not a master because he has NOT carried out his part of the deal. The master part. The master that cares about his students and answers their questions part.

In the end you realise that it's just a dead end. He doesn't care about you or what your needs as a student are. The "party" line is "Just listen, and all your questions will be answered". Or "just practice, and you won't have any questions". BULLSHIT!!! I am a human being, and I deserve better than that, and I won't accept that pathetic, feeble reply any more.

So I read EPO. I found out the truth. I emailed them. I got an answer. I read F7. Everything made sense and everything fell into place. Now I have no more questions - they have all been answered.

Ex-master - he missed the boat. He isn't worthy of me anymore!


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