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Why a pre-recorded broadcast
recent ex wrote:
A question for Rawat & Co.: Why add on the expense of a satellite broadcast for a pre-recorded video? It would have been cheaper, much cheaper according to Elan Vital, to just send it out. Why is it better for it to be a satellite broadcast, is there some spiritual benefit to it? It used to be said that premies should get together to be in the company of truth. The first satellite broadcast was live, and it was played up that it was live. Now they are pre-recorded. Sounds like bait-and-switch.

Anon responded:
No,no it's much simpler than all of you think!

Listen... Maharaji has some new toys and he wants to play with them. He has a music studio, hence the fact that all the music is now either produced by him or his family. Why should he let all those impoverished 40-50 something premie musicians have a look in! Anyway they've now got Elan Vital's New Age label to earn their fortunes from - it is some concession for the fact they are now somewhat redundant- it may not earn them much money but it will keep them happily occupied.

Also he now has his own Video Editing System..probably run on that most useful of mankind's ideas.. the beloved Apple Macintosh -(at a guess). Why can't he be allowed to have fun at the expense of consenting adults? It's his message after all, and he wants to do everything himself from home. What's the matter with that? After all, it's kind of tiresome having to put up with other people's ideas of what constitutes a good edit or what is a good tune or even what is a good Satsang for that matter!

He is an artist after all. Did Van Gogh allow other painters to splatter their ideas on his canvas? ruining the autonomy? the singular meaning of his work? Did Beethoven invite Salieri to contribute a few of his own phrases in the middle of a symphony? No. He did his own perfect thing. He likes what he does and does what he likes. His creativity is much appreciated and it is very important that those who recogognise the enormous value of his work supoport him to realise his mastery in all areas of life. His videos are a work of art and whether they are pre-recorded or live is of no consequence.

The expense? Hang worrying about the expense! He has got loftier things to get on with than that. Why, it is the job of the premies to address that problem. They are responsible for supplying him with the tools he needs to create masterpieces. If their fundraising activities give rise to raised eyebrows then it is not his fault, is it? The Lotus lives above the stagnant filth of the Maya. He uses all the technology that smelly old mankind has thoughtfully spent (a)eons evolving, but owes nothing to mankind for it's gifts to him.
Quite the opposite in fact. Mankind owes him everything and you complainers should all shut it!

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