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Editor's Note: This post from Bjørn Edwardsen is actually a goodbye to Joey who was announcing his retirement from the forum. Additionally, Bjørn had also recently stated that he was leaving the forum, but just can't seem to stick to his word.

To tell you the truth I cannot read this post in it's entirety. It was suggested that both of these posts be added to the ***Best*** collection and I have done that although I am very reluctant to include the garbage from Bim or Bjørn. I guess that it provides a good contrast between a cult member and someone who has had the courage to leave the cult.


Sun, Dec 12, 1999 at 09:13:02 (EST)


Bjørn Edwardsen





Thank you and goodbye
Dear Joey
You were the first who posted a reply to me on my debut on this Forum. Even if I disagree with you, I sensed some sincerity in what you wrote. I sense the same sincerity now, and I would like to thank you for that. To be quite frank with you, I do not sense the same sincerity in a lot of those who write here.

I hope you will not get offended, but I think you are a little naive. By this I dont mean in a negative way, but more like a child. Actually I think I have some of the same naivity.’

I once wrote to you about spending your time in what I consider to be a cult. And by cult I mean a modern acknowledged definition of a cult like :
“Of course, the problem with the word 'cult' is that it means different things to different folks. I'd like to put forward a behavioral definition: 'An organization that uses intensive indoctrination techniques to recruit and maintain members into a totalist ideology.” Posted by one of the leading cult authorities in the world.

One of my posts was about if you have spent 25 years in one cult, and then spent 25 years in anti cult. In my opinion that would be 50 years wasted.

I wrote in one post that the Nazis during the war imprisoned my father and uncle. Both were tortured. They never bothered to speak about the Nazis and their life in the concentration camp or prison. The only way you could tell something of this about my father, he could never shower his head. They both became quite successful after the war. What I admired about them was their ability to forgive and go on with their life.

Most of what is written on these pages of Expremies is in my opinion anonymous hearsay and personal interpretation of what happened in some people’s life. In my country, this would be against the law to write anything like this if you could not prove without any doubt, that all the allegations were true.

Being what you would think is an idiot, I do in fact have a lot of admiration and feel grateful to Maharaji, I could in fact have posted some threads here that would prove that at least some of what is written here are false. But I see less and less reason to do so, because it seems to me that the process of indoctrination has become so deep, that nobody would listen anyway.

Still in your post I sense some bitterness and hatred against Maharaji. From what I read, you have suffered a lot. It seems like you have suffered a lot also in this expremie community, but for the expremies you show no bitterness.

I think it is a good quality in a person if he is able to distinguish between things. In my opinion I think it is essential if you can distinguish between Maharaji,/ EV DLM, /premies /your life, / what happens in your life / businesses related to EV / DLM and so on.

And I think it is a good thing if we are able to understand that bottom line, we are all responsible for our own life. The easiest thing is to blame others.

In my hearth there is no room for bitterness and hatred. I dont think it is so in yours either.

Realize one thing. There is a lot we do not know. We might think we do, but do we always have a complete and truthful understanding? Sometimes it was actually proved that we were wrong in our assumptions.

This is a goodbye from me. I hope I am forgiven for posting one more time. I won’t answer anymore in this Forum. If anybody have anything sincere to say to me, I will answer posts to my email my address above.

As for you, Joey, I think it would be an advantage if you discussed your situation more deeply in your therapist group.

I wish you a merry Christmas.

Bjørn/ Bim / Bublegum / Why do you lie / Ill be watching you / Who really knows?

Who really really knows

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