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 Date:  Wed, Feb 18, 2004 at 17:52:51 (EST)
 Posted by:  Carlos
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 Subject:  Sakda, you were talking about the
rice and the eye exams/free glasses. So I confined myself to that. But you are right, TPRF is just 1 of the non-profits. I was not trying to impress or drop names, I was trying to give you my credentials, so my claim to KNOW, not believe but KNOW that when M is involved in a decision about to do or not to do something the decision is NEVER based on PR, or a desire to spin image. It is ALWAYS either about how he hopes to carry out the job his Dad gave him or to gratify or not gratify something a premie wants to do. Always.

And not all dependency relationships are unhealthy. By being in a teacher-student relationship with him I am strengthened to be free in every other relationship I have. Co-dependency empowers nothing. If you don't have the experience in your life of the freedom being his student brings you, well, fine. Please don't assume it can't exist for others. If you want it for yourself I promise you it is as equally available for every living human being. If you don't want it I hope there is some other way in which you can find complete freedom while living in this world, and that you find (if you haven't already) a way to such freedom that is right for you.

I think the resolution of the challenge of how can over 6 billion people live together in maximum joy with absolute carrying out of our duty (which is what I felt you were really talking about) is dependant on our coming as close to that ideal of mutual acceptance as is possible. I ask you to consider that by us being open to each other is a good place for us, as the only 2 of those 6 billion plus we really can speak for, to start.

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