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 Date:  Wed, Oct 06, 2004 at 17:25:27 (GMT)
 Posted by:  Carlos
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 Subject:  ger, your reasoning is falacious
because it comes from false assumptions. You state that the kryas work for small numbers. The reality, as anyone who was involved with very many K sessions will be able to confirm, is that even when they were taught by the instructors, in a non-standardized fashion that led to less than hi quality teaching of the physical components of the kryas, virtually 100% of the recipiants recognixed their experiance. The problem has aklways been 2-fold, and neither part was the kryas.

1) Hardly anybody empties themself of ideas about the K and the world and lets the experiance itself shopw them what it is, what M is, what the nature of the Universe is. And all of those things can be found in the experiancde, ger.

2) Because of reason 1, and of our fear of abandoning a comfortable mindset, a worldview where we think we can control, for 1 of surrender to the thing within instead of trying to control it, and of this being essential for deep experiance, hardly anyone continues to practice consistantly for long after taking K.

But most of those who sought a zen mind aproach to K and who practiced a lot are still around, ger. Far more than you realize. Because we were never a cult but had problems witth cliques who subconciously wanted us to be - like a very large per centage of the folk who swallow the EPOite agenda, IMO - there are probably thousands who hear from some involved premie before an event and show up there. The number of people with Rapid Communications keeps growing faster than can be accounted for by newcomers, IMO. So more and more of that is going on. And it is going to be more and more decentralized as the keys via streaming video on the Web manifests (which is where they are heading, not the 'sell videos' fantasy you guys were having; to the extent there will be videos it'll be shipping and handling, not sales, like a video library, with the production costs being by sponsorship - that's the currant thinking as of about 2 weeks ago when I talked to 1 of the Team Leaders about it.

So, as usual, you are off base and so underestimating the strengtjh and the beauty of M and K it makes you an object of pity, ger. I'm not arrogant. I am where I am because I accepted help, I couldn't have done it on my own. And it has never stopped being that way, for me or for anyone else who really understands anything about this K. But you proclaim the glory and the power of the individual without the help of another. You believe it of yourself, or at least you'd like to and you say you do. Which is arrogance, ger, 'I'm powerful' or 'I'm not powerful but the thing that is was shown to me'?

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