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 Date:  Tues, Feb 17, 2004 at 17:28:40 (EST)
 Posted by:  Carlos
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 Subject:  Sakda, let me introduce myself.
I was a Treasurer for 1 of the early non-profits, 1 that I helped found. I spent New Years day watching 8 or 9 videos with a friend of mine who is one of the most active TPRF volunteers in Southern Ca. I know, tho not well, probably every person involved in TPRF. from college to college, with movies and tapes of M. He asked M if he could do that. I was involved in the premie press in the early days, and did security for part of Rennie Davis' tour to promote the Millennium event. So I saw, or heard from people who were directly involved, how the interviews, the TV as well as the print, were set up because some premie wanted it. I got on the radio, and the non-profit I helped found in the Caribbean got an instructor on TV. No one even asked him about that! I was present in an LA ashram, in fact I took the call, when a national magazine tried to get an interview. That one, with no premie being involved, he turned down.

He really doesn't micro-manage things, despite what his detractors claim. Outside of speaking about K, and revealing it, virtually everything he has ever done with or about his students was because he was responding to the desire of 1 or more of us. And TPRF is a Foundation. It gets some revenues from the sale of videos, DVDs and literature, but most of its revenues come from donations. It doesn't 'take' money from anyone. I know what I'm talking about on the money issue, dear. Not only was I involved with it in the Caribbean non-profit I helped found, I've been involved several times with premies who sought to help out in a large way. I'm a financial professional, currently negotiating for the issuance of some municipal bonds for a client, for a $90 million credit enhancement that will allow them to get almost 3 times that to construct a combination ecologically friendly total recycling plant (able to handle all trash except radioactive) and power plant (the recycling process produces electricity as a byproduct, and any organic content gets converted into a synthetic fuel, clean burning, with about 1/3 of the BTUs of natural gas). The impression M's detractors make about the money issue is 180 degrees off target.

Done for image? If the TPRF premies who did it did so without his knowledge, that is possible. It is more likely that some premie, a local, learned about a need, got passionate about it, got some premie doctors open to it, and then went either to TPRF or to M. And it was then done, to gratify his/her noble desire. Exactly the way Tiny got the OK to do Star Ship Prachar, as I mentioned above, or Billy Fairchild got the OK to start prachar in Jamaica or Vanessa got the OK to start up Japan. That is really how it is, dear. Take it from one of the ones who has been involved in things that had his direct OK. As I said above, other than talking about K, and revealing it, almost everything he has ever done with or about his students he has done because 1 of us desired it and it was a good thing. Gratifying the noble desire of his students; that's how I long ago came to look at it. And that is the way it really is.

I hope this is of some help.

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