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 Date:  Fri, Apr 02, 2004 at 17:42:51 (EST)
 Posted by:  After turning Profanity Filter off
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 Subject:  Carlos' Serious Rant
I saw a rerun of the West Wing tonight. It was the 2nd episode of the 2-parter where the President and 1 of his principal staffers were shot, by mistake, by some Neo-natzis who were trying to assassinate his go-fer because he was dating the President's daughter. She was white. He wasn't.
It got me musing about Iraq, about Afghanistan. About Maharaj Ji's message, and about how important it is to the race that we lucky few who have heard it heed it, realize it, manifest it. If even 1 of us in 10,000 looked at everyone we met with of the acceptance, of the love for the True Being carted around in these bodies...
But the human race as a whole is not really that far removed from the caveman, raiding with his fellow tribe members the neighboring tribe, for their women, for their food. Our sticks are bigger; our rocks fly across seas and can kill the tens of thousands. And this is why those in power need to be what I despise, why our civilization, so called, must be power politics. Those of you who are spiritually inclined, read what Krsna & Arjuna discussed about duty, about Arjun's need to fight even tho his cousin's, Uncles, childhood friends, etc, were on both sides.
At least my nation, which, like all countries until the race truly becomes civilized must use warfare as part of statecraft, walks away from the countries we conquer. This is something new, a type of statecraft undreamed of before we invented it. An indication that, perhaps one day we ain't gonna study war no more.
But on Dennis Miller's talk show tonight (it is only right that the media so informs us these days; it is the nature of our century), a gentleman reported something that, added with the earlier adhab from West Wing, blew me away. They were talking about the problem we are having with illegal immigrant's, and how much of it is really perception. A few years back 1/5 as many High School students went on to college as do now. We need the illegals; there is a whole segment of the work force that will no longer fill jobs that they will do. And we are fortunate to have immigrants who basically share our values. Another of his guests, a liberal commentator whose name escapes me, talked about a conversation he'd had with perhaps the only French Thinker (their words; it is a satirical/political talk show), and he'd asked him a question, expecting him to disagree. But to his surprise, and to my consternation as I felt it sink in ... the immigrants in Europe, tens of millions of them, are folk who may very well hate Europe, today's Europe. When this French liberal intellectual was asked about that he said, "Unfortunately you are right. Within a generation if Europe is not Muslim there may be civil war."
And I thought about sectarianism, about 1 religion against another, about the things that make us forget we are 1 family, this human race of ours. We really are 1 family, you know. One of the fossils of early man, of a woman whose ancient remains were found in a gorge in Africa, her DNA shows that we literally all are descended from her; 1 family, relatives, descendants of the proto-human called "eve" by the anthropologists. And tho we have evolved so even our warfare is not as brutal as our ancient tribal battles, at least America's are not. Yet we may lose living land, to rising seas. And we may begin to have another 100 years war, between those seeking the restoration of theocracies and those seeking socialism or democracy - but freedom, and sexual equality, instead of oppression.
Maharaj Ji may be the only way to avoid this. But it can't be by the faux radicalism of the 60s. We must really be radical, go to the root. To where Peace blossoms within us. To become that thing within so much that we act it out in this world. That we become aspects of Peace, the Human Forms of Peace that each of us truly are, each distinct, each unique. I am 1 Form of Peace, if I can let it be not just in me but thru me into the creation. You, each of you who reads this, are another. Each, individual yet Aspects of the same Infinite Potential, Limitless Humanity. If it be thru Maharaj Ji or elsewhere, it MUST come out.
Yet part of me fears it will not. And that part, the ancient wisdom of this world, learned thru blood and pain, knows that my striving for the same Liberation is still the answer. That even if the race chooses war, Peace can still be manifest in Human Form by at least those of us whom Maharaj Ji has blessed with this Knowledge. Even should my role be to play Shiva, Destroyer of Worlds, yet I can Know Peace, be Peace. And this is my goal, this is my quest.

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