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 Date:  Wed, Oct 13, 2004 at 00:57:26 (GMT)
 Posted by:  Carlos
 Original URL:  Click here (However, the link may be stale.)
 Subject:  Yes. From having known the people doing
his personal security for the last 25 years , and from having been in personal touch with him enough time outside of programs, in shared service, that I'd have seen the signs of heavy drinking. He NEVER did, at least past '76, the daily heavy drinking f-hate paints him as doing. And he doesn't drink heavily now. And even if he did, what business is it of yours? Or of anyone's, as long as he spreads K and encourages folk to love their lives? Which is exactly what he does.

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5 I can see clearly now
4 The light at the end of the tunnel is a train
3 Finally, I've got some people I can relate to.  Thanks, Cat!
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