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 Date:  Fri, Feb 20, 2004 at 09:40:07 (EST)
 Posted by:  Carlos
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 Subject:  Your interpretation of Doc's, Mil's, Cat's
honesty is your own. Nobody can change it except you. But I investigated, I put each of them in situations where if they were not honest they probably would have done 'A' and if they were honest they probably would have performed 'B'. And they all passed the test with flying colors.

May I suggest for your consideration that disagreement, even on a profound level about basic issues, does not mean one party is being honest and the other not? This is something people often are confused about. I believe it is also the reason exes who don't fit into the worldview of Jim/gerry et al often feel safe posting here but not at F7. And why outsiders, the ones Jim insisted never would agree with us when he was proposing formal debates, tend to migrate here.

Which is a point I'd like to expand on. TomR1 is adamant about his Christian stance, doesn't back a premie position (as far as 1 can be said to exist) at all. Selene, Q, and other exes, are comfortable here and on Scapa Flow. On Scapa they never have to fear being flamed. Here they never have to fear being flamed except by invaders. This happened, they joined us in fellowship, thru their recognition about what the debates we DID engage in showed about the 2 camps. Try and spin it as you may, in the brief not quite 3 years since I've joined the scene the premie camp has proven we can accept people who left M and people who are never likely to want to become his students without needing them to co-sign our attitudes and beliefs. The F7 bunch, on the other hand, drives away those who don't parrot the party line. The implications about the underlying worldviews, and which one truly is a cult-like worldview, are profound, IMHO.

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