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 Date:  Sun, Mar 21, 2004 at 12:54:57 (EST)
 Posted by:  Catweasel
 Original URL:  Click here (However, the link may be stale.)
 Subject:  The absurdity of it all
Sometimes I sit here and simply marvel at the absurdity of this whole interaction. A person who virtually fakes being a Journalist to attack someone they were prepared to love and fete for 30 years plus.
A real one trick pony.
One major article and bugger all since...yet because he waves the red flag at the Journo's union and does NOT tell them the full story(hey that's familiar!) he arcs up the hard-line left of the the Press - until they discover that he is really only recording the details of a family spat and that his cred is zero...

And the absurdity of 'cult' or 'sect'. What is this crap? It makes me look around my beautiful home and wonder where are the other members of the 'Exclusive Brethern' or 'the Chinese Masonic Society' Hang on , I'll just belt into the bedroom and check under my bed....nah, nothing there except for a few commie bastards...

As I sat at the Races yesterday I pondered what in the eyes of my more astute 'released' brothers and sisters I should have been doing?
Perhaps a stint down at the local clubhouse watching video's? Not for me.If others choose to spend their time cooped up in a dark room on Saturday arvo, good luck to them. My teacher told me to enjoy my I am... There are no 'rules...there are no 'honcho's'..... I simply have a splendid gift from M and yes I am grateful.It's meant I have a wondorous life!
And when I watch him on Free to Air Television do I take notes? I watch him alright..once a week..but take notes? Noooo! I simply listen to him and feel really glad that I can whilst sitting in my loungeroom minding my own business...

Now here is the next absurdity. I have chosen to pack up a few things in April,book a nice little tent placed in the middle of 2000 acres of unspoilt and restored bushland so that I can spend a bit of time with a group of like minded people who also enjoy listening to M. I get to eat nice food, take in some rays and celebrate a lot. Now tell me what's WRONG with that?
If I CHOOSE to, I can book into a really nice restaurant for lunch or dinner a range of prices depending upon my selection.And yes I know that some of the money I pay goes to the upkeep of the what ! I like the place.
Ask me how I feel about paying money to attend the venue , to pay for meals...I have absolutely NO problem with's what I WANT!
I'd much rather spend my dough on a few days there than say a week on the Gold Coast...

So who's complaining? Well Jim Heller for one,(now he's never been there..).Gail McDonough? She went there in 1997 BEFORE the place improved to it's fantastic standard now...
and about another 15 or so people who have never been there,dont bother to consult with people who currently visit the place..and in the main have this huge chip on their shoulders..

Another cruel absurdity..being verballed by people who have never met you!
A friend of mine has a brother who is a renowned Australian Lawyer. He is a very left leaning fellow. When [Name Removed] applied his limited wisdom to the poor woman in Oz whose husband contacted him last year regarding her minimal involvement,she paid this lawyer a visit.He lived up the street from him and she was on quite good terms with he and his wife.
When she explained what had transpired and showed him the emails [Name Removed] had sent the Lawyer was both shocked and disgusted. He was thoroughly outraged with [Name Removed] response to what was a highly emotional attack from the woman's husband on her personal integrity. Now remember, the lawyer has known of his own family member's involvement with M for over 25 years.

His thunderous reply to [Name Removed] email when shown it by the offended wife? 'WHAT CULT!THERE IS NO BLOODY CULT!' It was no surprise when he offered his services to the lady 'PRO BONO' to litigate against [Name Removed] if it was possible to do so. His comments? 'Why should these people who make a lifestyle decision on what they choose to do with their private time have to suffer such nonsense!'
The woman [Name Removed] libelled was the Secretary to the Victorian State Government Premiers Department for many years. Do you think it would be possible for her to hold down such a position without having a fairly normal everyday rational lifestyle?
'This stuff is an abomination!'is what his comment was last week when shown Magregors latest
nonsense with the Press.

He was correct and he still is. Just because the organisation that supports M's work is basically run by volunteers and at times is decidely inept does NOT mean that there are not some very capable people quite willing to fight for their own individual rights. I'm one of them. It's MY RIGHT TO CHOOSE what it is that I do with my life ,my spare time and my money. My family dont complain that I neglect them...because I dont. My clients dont complain that I'm ripping them off or providing substandard work..because I'm not...and my loved one doesn't complain that I neglect her needs..because I dont...

The So-called X group is made up of dysfunctional, unhappy, inadequate people who would rather blame something remote and unconnected with their lives instead of taking responsibility for their sorry personal situations.For myself will not permit them to impinge on my happiness , my choices,my family, my business or my teacher for whom I have the greatest respect.

I think a Kitty Kat Luncheon or Dinner at Amaroo would be excellent and memorable. Let me say I thoroughly look forward to meeting you all. I'll be the guy with the marmalade coloured coat, the long whiskers and the swishing tale.... to lunch..

Ciao bella

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5 Cult, what cult? Anybody see a cult around here?
4 Hey, cat, we aren't stopping your volunteer work
3 Hey, cat, we aren't stopping you from eating lunch, are we?
2 I'd say cat is having some real doubts here.
1 Did you win or lose at the track today, cat?

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