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 Date:  Sat, Jan 08, 2005 at 13:39:03 (GMT)
 Posted by:  Catweasel
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 Subject:  Well look at this!
Acres of crap
Gee thanks Ex-Premie pals
But you are playing on the old site.Not much happening here apart from your Brain Farts...

 Date:  Sat, Jan 08, 2005 at 13:39:03 (GMT)
 Posted by:  Dermot
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 Subject:  Re: Well look at this!
you even talk like your master, cat....brain farts.....ooooooooh isn't Prem so clever? Where he leads, you follow. Right down to your terminology hahaha.

Actually, I've just been going through the ' trainings' over the last day or so. Would you like to go on one of those? Just think, your adolescent power trip master might let you swill beer, fart AND swear!!! In the breaks you could nip out and put a few hundreds dollars on some Oz nag to keep the adrenelin pumping.

Seriously, I have a question. What the fuck are those 'training' sessions about? What's he training people for? Any ideas?

: )

 Date:  Sat, Jan 08, 2005 at 14:37:59 (GMT)
 Posted by:  Dermot
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 Subject:  and finally....
'The chances are you've never seen the other side of me. You've seen the event side of me when I'm on stage. But there is another side of me. If you evoke that side, you won't like it. It's a nasty side. You don't want to see that side. You're not missing anything by not seeing it. ' - Prem Rawat ( at yet another ' training' session)

This is exactly what I figured out quite a few years ago.Once I'd figured it out and figured out the real dynamics at play then instead of just accepting any old tripe Prem Rawat came out with as some sort of deep wisdom I, instead, walked free of his weirdo, wacko world.

What I find sad about this comment IN THE FULL CONTEXT of the training sessions is the fact that the particpants would probably have digested that comment almost with a sense of adulation mixed with fear and awe.A whole lot of stuff but essentially still in a state of total submission.Remember how we all ( or certainly most devotees)judged the stories of Shri Hans giving some poor sucker a good beating with his stick as being a special blessing for that devotee/ victim ? A manifestation, if you like, of some sort of ' Divine' wrath. Here is Prem Rawat playing the same sick game.....that's how he was brought up, after all.

And what compounds the inherent sickness of his world....the world he was conditioned into and, ever since, fully embraced......is the fact the participants at these weirdo ' trainings' are really nothing more than victims of a weird psychic/emotional entrappment. So blurred is the weirdness, though, that they are seemingly willing victims, to boot!

As for myself, well I doubt if I'll read any of his words in depth for another year or two and then only for a day or so. That seems to be the pattern. Maybe I'll never read his crap again. Whatever. It doesn't really matter as I no longer depend on him or his world of falsehood and illusion for anything.I've no doubt that the charlatan will hold captive some folks till their dying breath but if there's one single person with doubts about Prem Rawat's ' world' and is uneasy about the discrepency between his ' stage show' personna and his ' behind the curtains' arrogance, then drop the geezer like a hot potato. That'd be my advice. The advice from someone who has lived on both sides of the fence. The ' devotee' side and the ' free individual' side.There's absolutely nothing wrong with being self-reliant. No one needs a ' life guidance' peddlar for decades and decades.We're grown-ups, right?Anyway...ciao....happy 2005.:)

 Date:  Sun, Jan 09, 2005 at 00:50:08 (GMT)
 Posted by:  alan
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 Subject:  Re: and finally another victim
Peddler is the proper spelling dimwit. My my,what a teacher and example you are . Do I want what you are offering,nope, nada.I am self reliant fool.I take care of myself and others just fine thank you.
The Knowledge works for me and M has been a great teacher.Your constant attacks and ability to take things out of context are duly noted.If you were not in the trainings then shut up will you.You really know nothing.You are a know nothing,think about that for awhile.Read that and ponder.Knowledge doesn't work for you then quit.Oh,thats right you did.Don't want to read M anymore,thats fine with me,I don't give a damn really. So it comes down to this,I enjoy M and the Knowledge and have a great time in my life and it doesn't take much to be as capable as you,hardly a goal to try to attain let alone surpass.you seem to hold yourself out as someone exemplary,the only person who thinks that is you.Rather pathetic really.

 Date:  Sun, Jan 09, 2005 at 01:51:01 (GMT)
 Posted by:  Dermot
 Original URL:  Click here (However, the link may be stale.)
 Subject:  Thanks for the laugh, Alan
That was soooo funny.Silly but funny. As if we all haven't lived in his weirdo, wacko world and don't know the score!! Of course you know that already but if I quote the ugly, ugly words of your master you have to come up with something, right? So what is it? A single spelling mistake and a declaration that I know nothing of the Master/Devotee dynamic.

Now let me think, could I be bothered to trawl up the innumerable examples of Rawat's countless mistakes when using English and invite you, dare you, to call him a dimwit? . No, he couldn't be a dimwit could he? You would GLADY call any of the billions of people on the planet a dimwit for a simple, single spelling mistake....but Prem's mistakes ? This is sooooooooo funny. A contradiction that your ' personality' cultism would leave you blind to, I know. It's ok, I understand. We were all in the same boat, mate. A lot of us used to be fixated with a messianic personality cult.

Are you trying to be as 'capable' as Rawat ? Then stick your fingers in your ears and chant ' brain farts', ' disgusting assholes', ' don't piss me off'. It's easy. Also, swagger around and expect the best for yourself and not give a shit about others except when doing a stage show , that'll help too.

The sad thing is that you, a grown man, grovel to a fat, increasingly ugly and unhealthy looking, loud-mouthed, braggart, charlatan.You're free to, though.Did I say otherwise? No. Like I say, carry on to your dying breath if you wish. I was expressing my opinions and offering advice to anyone who 'd want to move beyond a few yoga med tricks and a Santa Claus daddy to guide them.I wasn't offering advice to die-hard ' personality' cultists such as yourself. If you dig ( worship) the guy then that's your business.
As I pointed outů..I was just reading his incoherent, aggressive bullshit and wanted to express myself. No big deal huh? My advice wasn't to the likes of you but to the any fence sitters, even a single fence sitter. I wish I'd have had an experienced ex-devotee around in 1973. And your Master ( and you and others) will, no doubt, target fence sitters far more regularly and INTENSELY than I ever will, so fair's fair huh? For someone who's happy with life you sound very violent and bitter. Like a Muslim who'd like to see Salman Rushdie knocked off for criticising Allah. I guess another 30 or so years of M & K might ease things ,huh? I doubt it, fella, but one can always hope.

 Date:  Sun, Jan 09, 2005 at 01:51:01 (GMT)
 Posted by:  What's with the
 Original URL:  Click here (However, the link may be stale.)
 Subject:  duly noted?

You say, 'Your constant attacks and ability to take things out of context are duly noted.'

Who the fuck do you think you are? The captain of the Thought Police in the Perfect World of Knowledge it looks like.

Get with the reality. The wall is down, the lowdown is all over the place, and if you want to continue with the eyeball poking regime that's fine by me. You want to tell me I can't talk about this stuff, then that's another thing, and one which I will resist.

So what's the story Alan.........you've followed the Lord of the Universe for all your adult life and you've ended up sounding like the sort of guy who licks policemen's buttons clean.

 Date:  Sun, Jan 09, 2005 at 03:11:52 (GMT)
 Posted by:  alan
 Original URL:  Click here (However, the link may be stale.)
 Subject:  Re: meds for you
Some people like there anger,you are obviously one of them. A little valium for you,yes I think that would help.Maybe the tea would work for you but you need heavy duty meds if you are not already on them.

I guess the millions who are seeing Prem and the hundreds of thousands who are receiving Knowledge need to bow to your superior wisdom.Somehow we missed what you saw or did we understand something and experience something you did not.Maybe so .Only a fool is so sure when so many others are saying you are wrong.

By the way,you were not at the training so I can point out the obvious.Out of context and who at the training is complaining.No one. A fool like you complains who has an obvious ax to grind.Actually,I find your comments quite humorous so keep it coming like the good little fanatic that you are.There are about 3 or 4 of you out there but get too far out and remember what happened to your friends in OZ.You could be next,,hatred has a way of leading you to places one would normally not go.Ask Macca how he is doing boyo.

 Date:  Sun, Jan 09, 2005 at 05:07:47 (GMT)
 Posted by:  Dermot
 Original URL:  Click here (However, the link may be stale.)
 Subject:  Actually Alan
I'm not sure if you're addressing me or not but I didn't write the post you're responding to.

Your comment ' only a fool is so sure when so many others are saying you are wrong' has a curious, cultist logic to it.Let's see.I've heard your Master, more than once, disparage religions because they are fossilised. Either they follow a book or a dead ' perfect Master'. So I'm waiting for you to call Prem a fool because there are a billion Roman Catholics. A billion or more ( more, I think) Muslims. So many others are saying he's wrong. He's a fool then, yes? According to your logic he is, anyway.

There is NOTHING out of context when Prem told them that they were the most hateful group he'd ever come across. Read it carefully. It's concise and precise. It fits in and out of context.

Your final point ( veiled threat, in fact) is pure cultish. Like I say, very similar to the violent threats aginst free speech that Muslims afforded Salman Rushdie.That, pal, is fanaticism.

Finally, I hersitate to call you a dimwit but you should have written ' their anger', not ' there anger'. :)

 Date:  Sun, Jan 09, 2005 at 05:40:18 (GMT)
 Posted by:  your logic
 Original URL:  Click here (However, the link may be stale.)
 Subject:  Re:tomred
like I spelled your name is backwards.Let me get this straight,M is welcomed around the world and introduced by dignataries all over the world because of his message.All over the world boyo.Who comes to hear you speak,who would introduce you and your message.Didn't get enough attention at home boy,is that the problem.ever been in intense training besides toilet I mean.

 Date:  Mon, Jan 10, 2005 at 05:48:00 (GMT)
 Posted by:  Dermot
 Original URL:  Click here (However, the link may be stale.)
 Subject:  infantile response

 Date:  Mon, Jan 10, 2005 at 12:57:44 (GMT)
 Posted by:  Dermot
 Original URL:  Click here (However, the link may be stale.)
 Subject:  But to respond to it...
From the age of 6/7 or thereabouts Balyogeshwar Param Hans ( Prem Rawat) was introduced to the public via his family's quasi religion/cult and was instantly embraced by the cult members of that time.

As he grew up and ventured West, he abandoned his own mother and most of his brothers in an attempt to further his power base to make it absolute and, of course, to further his material advantage in the West. He didn't want to relinquish the Indian side of the weird cult so, to that end, he challenged his brother Sat Pal in court, in India, and lost Prem Nagar Ashram and other cult assets.

With a core of Western adherents and Indian Mahatmas he built up a Western version of DLM based on him being the " Lord of the Universe". Since then he's amassed his material wealth and promoted his " power trip" world based on a few crappy med techniques and barely comprehensible wishy-washy discourse . When it does pass the comprehensibility test it is just simplistic, platitudinal bullshit.

From a starting point of being accepted by cult members as the Lord in person who'll bring peace to the world he' degenerated to the point that he was saying to his adoring adherents in absurd " training" sessions ( over three decades later!!) :

'Enough is enough. You guys are a bunch of disgusting assholes. This is how you operate. This is how you think. How can you be proud of this? Don't shake your head, you are part of it. You are part of the asshole equation. This is what you offer me. Every single time this is what I get. Do you like it?"

And : " The chances are you've never seen the other side of me. You've seen the event side of me when I'm on stage. But there is another side of me. If you evoke that side, you won't like it. It's a nasty side. You don't want to see that side. You're not missing anything by not seeing it. '

And this humdinger: You guys really hate each other. I've never seen a group of people that hate each other so much. Sincere pure hate.

Whether you deal with it is your business. I've just repeated those words to you ( not made them up) to point out that his " stage show" numbers mean nothing. Comparing me to him as if I'm trying to compete with his mumbo- jumbo business is, as I've mentioned above, infantile. I never gladly took on the mantle of being a " Perfect Master". I never abandoned my mother nor did I appear in court to fight my brother for "religious " assets. I'm just a person expressing views without orgs & Trusts, teams of lawyers etc.

Your numbers game is absurdity of the most extreme kind. There are countless charlatans with a considerable following of blinkered worshippers. From Rev Moon to Sai Baba or from Prems own brother Sat Pal to any other mumbo jumbo peddler. It means zilch. Prem is just one of many charlatans. Nothing more and nothing less.

Truth and honesty doesn't depend on having a multitude of gullible followers or on running a " life guidance" business. It's stupid of you to think it does. According to you all of the charlatans I've mentioned ( and more) have complete validity because they have a following. As I say, absurd.

 Date:  Mon, Jan 10, 2005 at 13:50:36 (GMT)
 Posted by:  truth???????
 Original URL:  Click here (However, the link may be stale.)
 Subject:  Re: **** to respond to it...
**** **** c**** **** **** truth .Stage s**** ****s my ass.**** **** **** interested in is denigrating M **** **** **** **** practice K****ledge. **** **** **** responded to **** **** **** K****ledge brings inner peace to tens of thous****s if **** ****,**** includes me.**** **** **** **** K****ledge **** **** ****,fine,no **** re****y c****s do ****y.**** practice of K****ledge is a voluntary act,no **** ****ces ******** to practice do ****y.No **** **** ****ced to go to **** training or stay in it **** **** matter.
**** h**** ****rself up as **** sort of authority **** smatterings of in****mation on M **** **** **** K****ledge **** **** re****y **** **** a******** anonymous ****er ****ing to cloak ****self **** a **** **** of context,if ****y re****y happened, ****s **** obscure ****torical ****s briefly snopsising 30 **** **** f**** vague paragraphs.**** **** no credibility ****e.Go **** to **** **** w****e **** **** **** 8 o****r respondents **** constanly jerking **** a******** ****.**** is w****e **** be****

 Date:  Sun, Jan 09, 2005 at 05:40:18 (GMT)
 Posted by:  you weren't there
 Original URL:  Click here (However, the link may be stale.)
 Subject:  Re:dermot
you need spell check,I am sure a sophisticate like you has it.Address the obvious.No one who went is complaining are they..A couple of paragraphs proves nothing,in fact reveal your source or you could have made it up.A paragraph out of how many.It means nothing,like you.enjoying yourself.Time to go to Byron and surf a little,yeah. by by you really prove nothing and are wasting my time

 Date:  Sun, Jan 09, 2005 at 05:40:18 (GMT)
 Posted by:  Dermot
 Original URL:  Click here (However, the link may be stale.)
 Subject:  Re: Actually Alan ...mk2
Yeah, I know, I'm a dimwit. hersitate. aginst. : )

Prem must be genuine because I make typos heheheheheh.

5 I can see clearly now
4 The light at the end of the tunnel is a train
3 Finally, I've got some people I can relate to.  Thanks, Cat!
2 I'm going to have to think about this some more.
1 I'm feeling so free and easy that I don't care.

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