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 Posted:  Mon, Jan 26, 2004 at 12:08:32 (EST)
 Posted by:  Deborah

Subject:  Selene, responsibility IS the cure :)


There is no other destination or goal post for you right now. I love what you had to say. No one is mocking personal problems or unfortunate and uncomfortable life experience, it's how you relate to them that is important.

And your admission that you are yourself because of life experiences, and not M/premies is right on. This is exactly what the EXES at F-VII, avoid discussing at all causes.

They can't be hurt by having chosen to receive K or follow M.

Gee, I have to ask my self, 'How rough can it be to look back on my relentlessly inspiring grace-receiving, bliss-perceiving, vegetatian feasting, festival attending, happiness expecting years of my life.

Do you think any of these experiences or expectations can interfere with my current life choices.

M did not create the life I brought to K. I brought my spiritual ambitions to M, but they were in fragmented form. My involvement w/M and K encouraged it, inspired it, nurtured it, modeled it, refined it and than the apron stirngs were cut and off I drifted.

The exes and their pathetic accusations, self-denial, and heneious self descriptions repulse me Selene.

As I've said several times, my relationships amongst premies were positive. I always hang out with very cool wonderful people. At least now you realize you were burnt out by your associations, not by M or K.

I want to get in touch with you soon. Got lots to talk about.

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