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 Date:  Tues, Sep 28, 2004 at 15:55:32 (GMT)
 Posted by:  Doc
 Original URL:  Click here (However, the link may be stale.)
 Subject:  Me is at the south tip of the world
Having a ball of a holiday.....

After visiting Melbourne - the gorgeous PARIS of the pacific, we are now on Bruny island staying with friends. It's 'an island off an island off an island' so the T shirts boast. Just south of Tasmania.

Today we had a guided tour of the lighthouse which faces ANTARCTICA and is the southern most tip of the Australian continent and almost the world. Man it's amazing down here, have taken some unreal pictures on a new Fujistsu digi camera with shitloads of pixels and zoom power. This damn thing can take a picture like a microscope OR like a telescope, it's fucking amazing technology. :)

What will they make next??!!!

Lots of lovely people and quite a few premies live here, all in various states of involvement or not, doesn't matter, M is now on so many mediums everyone gets to see or hear him in the way they want at the level they feel comfortable at.

We had a cool experience in Melbourne which brought home the impact of all the M on TV talk we have heard. Were staying with friends and surfing the channels when all of a sudden there was M speaking, it was wild to just stumble onto him like that and we knew that thousands of people in the same city would have done the same thing that night. When we got there he was saying... 'and where is God? Billions of miles away, that's where, nice and safe so we don't have to bother about him' ...something like that. The people we were with were almost familiar about him and the wife said, 'Oh yea he (her hub) watches that guy quite often.'

This is happening all over the place and a lot of premies are putting their support into these broadcasts as the list of interested people grows steadily every day. It's a phenomenom we can all watch and enjoy and be involved in. Made us kinda proud of M for having such a clear vision about what to do next. Like you were saying Boz, he just marches on and uses the best tools available at the time. Luckily he doesn't need the wankers you mentioned anymore and what's left of the church lady power synsdrome ego trippers is now dwindling to nothing. he he

If there is still an 'anti' Maharaji movement of any kind left then they're wasting their time and would have a better chance at stopping the sun rising in the morning than stopping people enjoying what Maharaji has to offer.

Perhaps they are so busy glowering into their computer screens they have failed to notice that it's a pretty fucked up world out there these days and more and more people are asking the real questions about what the hell life on this earth is all about.

We return north later this month after an amazing trip -from big time Metropolis (Melbourne you ROCK!) to the most simple and primitive existence on a stunning island at the bottom of the world. I dunno if I'm looking forward to going back to Byron or not, every day is so exciting and so full wherever this aging carcass finds itself. Guess I don't give a toss really but it will be major cool to get back to the studio and put down some tracks for the vocal based songs I'm carrying around in this 10 pound load of blubber sitting upon my shoulders. :)

So, oh yea, I forgot to bring the Scarpa Flow url so can't access the new catsite if it's up. If it is the place that's happening now perhaps one of you good souls would be good enough to copy this post and place it there?

Thanks to whoever bothers.

Doc - who is real tired after stacking an 8 foot high pile of firewood today for the dear woman we are staying with. Ah, you gotta serve, it's the road to bliss and good wine. :)

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