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 Date:  Wed, Feb 18, 2004 at 03:04:07 (EST)
 Posted by:  Doc
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 Subject:  Oh the guilt, the guilt..... :(
Someone who is too terrified to call themselves a name wrote this on the F7 forum.

It touched me deeply and significantly...

'Does there exist anywhere a more self-centered, self-absorbed or self-indulgent segment of the population than the rawaties? Simply traipsing off to do whatever one wants to do whenever the mood takes one is absolutely alien to me. There is a lot involved in living and keeping the mechanics of life going. Tedious, some of it is. Boring. Unexciting. Yes to all those, but these tedious things need done!' (sic)

She's absolutely right. I just traipsed off to do whatever one wants to do - went to New Zealand for a wedding and a trip to Rotorua to experience the hot springs and other natural marvels. The whole thing was an exercise in self indulgence, the taxi crew, airport porters, flight crew, baggage handlers, air hostesses, hotel staff all providing non stop attention, service and pampering. The wedding parties were something else, god bless those wonderful waiters and waitresses! Managed to down French champagne from 3:30 in the afternoon to 1:30 in the morning at the reception and was still standing before I plunged into the hotel limo.

Next day we went to one of the most prolific natural springs in the world and watched millions of gallons of crystal clear water gushing up into the stream that feeds lake Rotorua, magical, glorious. The mud lakes were truly bizzare and the sulphur streams everywhere make it an astonishing place where the earth's crust and the inner core meet. We were treated like very special visitors by the lovely locals. An hour in the hot thermal baths is way cool after major partying, so relaaaaaxinnnggg.

Why is it that the world is full of servants and the served? I dunno. I felt very spoiled and one night attempted to ask God - why me? What did I do? I heard this voice say...'You did nothing, it's what's you are.' Still quizical, I enquired further...
What am I?
'You are one who loves without question or judgement.' boomed the great loud and deep voice. 'You think everyone is like that because you are, this is not so, you are one of the jewels amongst humanity.'
'Oh really? Thank you very much!' I replied.

Realised later that it was true. Like a silly stoned hippy I embrace one and all, pretty much. A person even came up to me after the reception and told me that I had 'been sent to spend time with them to 'clear up' a few things.

But 'premie spouse', mark my words, it's not always easy being a naive, open hearted goofball in the face of some occasionally very ugly people. I get real angry with them like a spoiled 3 yr old. People like the Australian customs man who tried to intimidate us because we brought twice the amount of booze in that the form allows. The silly twat tried a power game on us and I told him to get the customs hall chief man or shut up because we were told we could have four bottles of 1.250 mls liquor. He quickly let us through. We now have enough rocket fuel to last sometime into the next decade. ;)

But everyone else we encountered? Oh golly, how many times a day can one fall in love? It's real easy when all ones relatives have gorgeous daughters and really switched on sons. The younger generatiion are taking over and are so technically advanced that we look like snails on valium with our cruddy PCs and silly expensive toys. They're also humble and enquiring too, open to the magic they know exists ....somewhere.

Auckland has the most rocking guitar shop with the biggest collection of Les Pauls, Strats and PRSs in the southern hemisphere. Also there were 15 brand new Mesa Boogie amps which put me into 8th heaven. Unfortunately I only had room for three guitars so picked up a vintage Gibson SG, a Blues Sareceno signature model and a PRS Rare Bird. Premie spouse is right, tedious things DO need to be done... you should have seen us struggling to get those beauties to the airport taxi in town that afternoon with the rest of our luggage!!

The NZ people are the most laid back and friendly on the planet, god bless them, they are so sweet. It is a very very pretty and blessed country. No wonder God chose to speak to me there, something to do with Lord Of The Rings I think. ;)

So, 'premie spouse', how about behaving in a more loving manner and treating every person you meet as a potentially special, valuable and decent human being, instead of posting ugly tirades on the internet about a bunch of people who exist only in your imagination. How about opening your heart and loving people without fear or favour? Do it for awhile and see what happens in your life - you may even find yourself in the company of people who are indulged by others for a change, instead of being the victim of a tedious, boring, unexciting life you currently don't seem to enjoy.

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Yeah, Doc, you're a real treat, aren't ya?

You're like a festering sore full of puss. You're nothing but swarmy and arrogant. You're a person who knows nothing but some spoiled lifestyle that you were born into. Yeah, you're a perfect premie, Doc.

5 I can see clearly now, premies are self-centered bey
4 Doc, you're such an arrogant prick
3 Finally, I've got some people I can relate to.  Thanks, Cat!
2 I'm going to have to think about this some more.
1 I'm feeling so free and easy that I don't care.

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