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 Date:  Wed, Feb 18, 2004 at 09:08:10 (EST)
 Posted by:  Doc
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 Subject:  You're right David
When I saw your header I realised how incredibly selfish and self centred I have become. Thanks for the reminder and the very polite delivery of same.

But funnily enough, on the flight home I was reflecting on the general feeling I was taking away from new Zealand and all I could think of is how much I am looking forward to April when I may get a chance to spend some time with a whole different bunch of people and to catch up with Mr Consistency again. It was interesting talking to people at the wedding gatherings (there were several due to the large and varied families involved) and the difference in an 89 year old's conversation which was all reflective onto the past and talking to some of the young cast of LOTR who talked only about their future plans, was striking. I remember sinking into a momentary depression as I saw the utter futility of human life being played out before me.

Then I remembered why I had searched so hard for some kind of a deeper truth or meaning to the whole shebang, it's so obvious why people yearn for that because otherwise we just get born, dream, do stuff, get old, talk about what we've done, and die. There has to be more to the story and thank god there is.

I stlll don't understanf flying and flight - utter magic, I love it. We went in a 727 which is quite a small aircraft and the difference between that and the larger beasts is very noticeable. This thing goes up very fast almost like a Caravelle (practically a space ship experience due to their extraordinary ascension angle) and then planes very nice and smoothly at cruising height. Coming in for approach however is another trip though, they don't handle slow maneuvers at all well and buck all over the place almost until touchdown. It makes for very exciting landings.
I think the 747s are still the crown of civil aviation due to their unbelievable handling at all speeds and in all conditions. Truly marvellous engineering.

We arrived in NZ in time for the worst storm in their history. The captain came on the intercom and said...'You chose a bad time to enter Auckland! tonight, we're flying through a storm!' So you can imagine a little 727 on descend and approach, phew! One has to be prepared to die, there's no other way to cope with a craft that is tilting 45 % either way, dropping 100 feet, rising 100 feet, sending hostesses, food and utelsils all through the cabin, children screaming, engines screaming, mind screaming and then aahhh, surrender back, think of drek and enjoy perfect peace. All there is, all there ever will be ;)

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That's right, Doc, you'd better think of drek (me) in your darkest hour. You know "EIYDHIWNAY" which stands for “Even in your darkest hour, I will not abandon you". That's right, Doc, I am greater than Guru because your Guru cowers at my feet. He wants to shut my website down, but he is powerless. He is nothing like a bothersome gnat to me, Doc.

I love it when Doc, the world traveler says the following: "We went in a 727 which is quite a small aircraft..." Yeah, right! A 727 is a small aircraft. This is how Doc turns a nothing story into a great adventure with action phrases like "children screaming, engines screaming, mind screaming".

Perfect peace.

Yeah, right.

Premies have to absolutely reference everything that happens to them in terms of Maharaji or what Maharaji has said. They're minds have been well conditioned.

Hey, Dork, have you ever read "The Fear of Flying"? I recommend highly.

5 I can see clearly now
4 The light at the end of the tunnel is a train
3 Finally, I've got some people I can relate to.  Thanks, Cat!
2 I'm going to have to think about this some more.
1 I'm feeling so free and easy that I don't care.

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