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 Date: Mon, Mar 01, 2004 at 17:14:15 (EST)
 Posted by: Hi Cynthia
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 Subject: We know you read everything
So here is something to ponder. We dont want to hurt you. We just want to let you know that even though you say some really nasty stuff, we love you...
And remember we were there with you so you cant fool us. We know you are really a sweet loving person...:)

 Date: Mon, Mar 01, 2004 at 17:14:15 (EST)
 Posted by: Schwinnnggg!
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 Subject: While you're at it, Cynthia
Has it dawned on you yet that your whacko posts (and those of Les, Roger, Sarah Porter and a few other ex-hole nutters) have ALREADY been given to libraries, and media, with a caveat that 'oh, you'll probably be hearing from these people. Internet hate stalkers, a bunch of weirdos.' Yes, we let your words speak for themselves. Especially the mental illness, and paranoia. Ohhh, that's credibility in spades.

Libraries are quite used to hearing from people like you and the late, great Gerry Lyng. You think because Jimboliar can intimidate a secretary at a little web outfit that had an expired contract with TPRF to take a link to TPRF off their page that you are making strides? That these tactics have lasting value?

Sweetie, people want peace. Maharaji offers that. Maybe not to you, but to millions, it works. If people are disaffected with Maharaji or Knowledge, it makes sense for them to hang out with you for a few months, and then move on.

But the 8 or 12 of you posting to yourselves under god-knows-how-many alisaes just can't let go, can you? Recent posts over Forum Hate are copies of old satsangs from 1974!!! Honey, that's 30 YEARS AGO!!!

In short, no one takles you guys seriously. You can scare off the odd low-level bureacrat or office adminstrator, but as long as people in this world seek peace, seek a sense of understanding themselves, there will ALWAYS be a Maharaji to guide them. And you poor creatures are like, well, little flies buzzing around the elephant's arse.

Here's an easy test: if you no longer practice Knowledge, and if thinking, writing, plotting, planning or talking about Maharaji takes more than a moment every few months-- you're an Ex-hole.

Concentrate on what you have, not what you think you've lost.
Look forward to life with joy, not backwards with regret.
Greet the day with hope, not anger.
You'll live longer...or happier, for sure.

 Date: Tues, Mar 02, 2004 at 08:46:41 (EST)
 Posted by: And Cynthia
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 Subject: I read your more 'reasoned response'
Looks like you are still struggling.You may not remember but we do.Your assertions have little or no corroborating support from anyone who was actually part of that project conducted LONG ago.....

You still wont accept what really happened to you back then...but it doesn't matter...
If you can learn to accept that really you are quite insignificant and have only managed to scream loudly in pain for so long because people genuinely feel sorry for you . You may yet get to enjoy your life. At the moment you just look foolish....

 Date: Tues, Mar 02, 2004 at 12:32:48 (EST)
 Posted by: Sir Dave
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 Subject: History isn't foolish
While Cynthia's written accounts are bound to be biased and subjective, they are what she experienced back then. It is relevant and it doesn't look foolish. It would appear foolish to try to pick holes in her accounts. They are what she experienced as an individual. If you read Pepys's diaries, you'll see a similar, very subjective view of the world but with some great historical significance. People could write off Samuel Pepys as a heavy drinker and womanizer but if they did they'd be missing the point. He was writing in another age, another time and while he may have been only writing about the small picture that was his life, he was a part of one very big picture that is called history. So it's very relevant.

 Date: Tues, Mar 02, 2004 at 12:43:41 (EST)
 Posted by: yes but
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 Subject: neither is it accurate

Cythia's written accounts are NOT what she experienced back then. That is the whole point. She freely admits that what she expereinced for the large part was bliss.

Her accounts are memories or certain aspects of what she experienced AFTER being there, not at the time. Here diary at the time would provide a much better example of what she experienced 'back then'.

As years have passed and her bitterness and unhappyness grown she has chosed to revise her time there and re-write that particluar section of her history. As there were many others therfe at the time who are still around today and almost all have opposite story to her, so her account enjoys no concurrence or credibility except with Roger 'I agree with everything Cynthia ever ever says' Stewart. As we know he is like a five year old and treated as such.

It isn't history at all.

 Date: Tues, Mar 02, 2004 at 12:43:41 (EST)
 Posted by: DavidJ
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 Subject: But there are other sources
It's not quite history yet because there are people who remember first hand. It would be a shame if Cynthia's written account is the only source about DECA, one hundred years from now.

Historians today bemoan the lack of historical accounts of the life of Jesus. The Gospels themselves are dismissed as 'Hagiography'. The writers were obviously biased and intent upon proving the divinity of Christ. The only other independent source are the historical writings of Josephus about the first Jewish Revolt. But on closer examination he too was biased. He was intent upon his rationalizing own treachery in abandoning the Jewish cause and going over to the Roman side.

Okay, so it seems that most people who write down what happened have a reason too. They are trying to rationalize their actions, an axe to grind, or a spin to put on things. Truly honest writers are rare.

 Date: Tues, Mar 02, 2004 at 12:43:41 (EST)
 Posted by: gabba gabba hey
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 Subject: Re: History isn't foolish--BUT EXES ARE
Cynthia is like Pepys?

Well, Hitler wrote his own history book, too, why not pick him? If you're going to play at being Derrida, then for pete's sake, play it right. Don't rely only haly-way on pedantic post-modernist claptrap (we all have a story to tell, it's all 'relevant', it's 'what she experienced'), etc etc. By that token, devout premie Jim Heller was RIGHT in turning a blind eye to that guy he shared a room with to killing himself.

You miss the point, friend. It's about context. In the hate club context, these accounts are ONLY relevant to their own bitterness. They don't have epistemological weight.

And by way, Pepys was incorrigibly corrupt and screwed the public in his office as procurer of goods for the queen's navy.

 Date: Tues, Mar 02, 2004 at 13:22:09 (EST)
 Posted by: Sir Dave
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 Subject: Yes we all have a story to tell
and if you were being rational, you'd listen to both sides of the story. A premie who waxes lyrical about Maharaji these days is relevant but then so is a story such as Cynthia's. They are both relevant in finding out what the whole story is. But then I've always had an analytical mind.

I'd have thought it was obvious by now that there really are two sides to this story. Ignoring one of the sides is not being honest, in my view. Do I ignore the fact that some premies are quite happy with Maharaji? I don't because it's an obvious fact. Something like Maharaji will always produce people both for and against him. It's undeniable and look, it's happened that way for all to see.

THE CAT'S WHISKER A Funky little spot for anyone feeling free and easy

These premies are so busy trying to bail out their sinking boat that they have to ignore the obvious. Yes, premies, it's true. Cynthia's experience at DECA was real. It happened. And it wasn't that unusual.

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