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 Date:  Fri, Dec 03, 2004 at 03:44:04 (GMT)
 Posted by:  voggenreiter
 Original URL:  Click here (However, the link may be stale.)
 Subject:  human

Like Maharaji said:
I am happy do be human!

he makes mistakes like anybody else
he smokes like anybody else
he gets angry like anybody else
he drinks like anybody else
he is unfaithful like anybody else
he falls for greed like anybody else
he gets obsessed with hate like anybody else
he is egocentric like anybody else
he wastes his money like anybody else

so human,

but he holds the keys:

the keys to freedom,
to everlasting love,
to compassion and forgiveness,
to ecstasy and bliss

and you my friends are his fruits.

'I love a challenge!!!'

5 I can see clearly now
4 The light at the end of the tunnel is a train
3 Finally, I've got some people I can relate to.  Thanks, Cat!
2 I'm going to have to think about this some more.
1 I'm feeling so free and easy that I don't care.
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