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Fri, Feb 19, 1999 at 21:50:21 (EST)








I mean, 'Shit!!'

I just sent Maharaji an email asking him how he could possibly say he never wanted to be a leader or figurehead given all the other things he once said (and yes, I gave him the usual quotes). I posted the letter here but forgot the subject line and lost the whole thing. My first email to my very own Lord and now he's the only one who's got it! Shit!!

Anyway, I wonder if he'll publish it.

I wonder, has anyone else here tried feeding the hamster? It's a funny feeling. Kind of like writing Santa Claus when you know he's really Crusty the Clown. My note would have been much longer but I got a message telling me to keep it below 3200 characters and, like they say on ELK, 'keep it succint'.

I was going to ask him this as well:

'I also think it's a bit rich for you to say your policy's always been 'take it or leave it'. Don't you remember saying stuff like this:

'Guru Maharaj Ji has not only promised us, but given us more than he has promised. Always. Always.

And as that battle begins, the things get even more intense. And if that faith is not there, if that faith is not completely in Guru Maharaj Ji, you're going to fall in so many fragments that you wouldn't be able to count them yourself. You will run right out of count. Right out of it. You will go beyond zillions, billions, everything.'?

How about:

'So, ladies and gentlemen, this is the time. Just imagine me as a cowboy with guns pulled on you telling you to receive Knowledge. And you'd better. Imagine me like that, okay?'

I mean, so much for a little window shopping, huh? And as for LEAVING, well don't you recall saying stuff like:

'It was just like this mind. Once it throws you over, what chance have you got? You try to climb aboard, or you try to even -- you can't do anything, it's just got you. You know, it's just got you. *** So that mind, that factor that's always against us, can get us; it has the potential of getting us. What I am trying to say is that I'm not trying to kid you when I say that the mind can zap you, the mind can get you. It can get you. And we have to be aware of that, and do something, and the only thing we can do to avoid that, is to surrender to Guru Maharaj Ji.'?


'If you just jump off, that's where you're going to stay. You're probably going to drown. And if there's a current coming, it's just going to sweep you away. And then maybe, after you die, you're going to become really buoyant, and then it'll just take you and put you ashore somewhere.'?

So, anyway, it's all there. Your whole ugly scene is being exposed bit by bit. You must feel incredibly frustrated seeing your image melt before your eyes. Maybe, dude, it's time to simply surrender, you know? Give it up. Give up the pretence, make peace with your brothers and go home. Think about it, okay? I've still got a few frequent flyer miles that I think are actually transferrable if you're interested. Well, whatever, just wanted to say 'hi'.


Well, actually, I just did. I just sent this one too. Maybe he'd like to hear from some of you too?

Oh, by the way, shp, you're even stupider than I remembered. Thanks for the laughs.

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