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 Date: 03/12/2004, 11:38:53
 Posted by: Cynthia
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 Subject: Anger versus hate...

Hi All,

I was going to make a comment in the Indymedia (link below) this morning but I noticed that "One-Reality" has already posted links there to his website of the same name.  So, I didnt find it necessary to comment.  I also noticed that PWKs or premies are using Indymedia to express their adoration for Prem Rawat. 

I think you're wrong
by Michelle Smith Friday March 12, 2004 at 03:24 PM

Mr. Webmaster you are so wrong about the Indian custom stuff being brought over by Indians. I personally know of 2 american premies who were with Maharaji in India before he came to the west told us about how to receive darshan and how to get holy breath and all. They were not Indians. They explained how this was proper devotion to the satguru who is the perfect master. American premies embraced the darshan ritual and we all benefitted. There was a time when Maharaji was not allowing us to kiss his feet. That was the dark night of my soul. I was so happy for the opportunity to do it again. I would crawl across the ocean for another chance to catch a glimpse of his smile, let alone kiss the feet of the One who saved me.
Thank you.

and this:

Why can't we appreciate Maharaji for who he is?
by Kevin J. Friday March 12, 2004 at 01:12 PM

I've had the experience of "Knowledge" that Maharaji teaches since 1975. I meditate every day on the techniques of "Knowledge". I thoroughly enjoy the inner peace that I feel from meditating. It is an incredibly wonderful experience that words cannot describe.

Maharaji is a very important person in my life.

These disgruntled former devotees of Maharaji have missed the point. They claim that Maharaji has said that he was God, but they really didn't understand what he was really saying.

I'm not sure how I would categorize Maharaji, but if there was a God on this planet he would be teaching the very same "Knowledge" that Maharaji teaches.

Please try to understand what Maharaji has to offer before you judge him. Seek and ye shall find.

Hmmm...those old chestnuts again:  "Disgruntled," "We (ex-premies) didn't get what Maharaji teaches!"  "Seek and ye shall find???"  That's really old!

Not one premie who has commented there seems to have noticed that the cult didn't just go after an ex-premie, $cientology-style, who had possession of computer documents, but the cult is trying to ruin John MacGregor's life and career because he has told the truth about Rawat.  Those comments are a chorus of hate toward two people: John MacGregor, a journalist, and John Brauns, the owner of EPO -- two different people who live continents apart.  (Get the difference now, Carlos?)

But, if these are not expressions of blind worship of Prem Rawat then I don't know what they are. 

One important thing to point out about "Darshan" lines, where premies line up and kiss Prem Rawat's feet is that tax-free cash is given to Rawat while they pass by.  It's a scam of the worst kind.   Not only does Rawat deceive people about himself by allowing them to worship him as if he is God Incarnate and by perpetrating that belief to this day -- he takes their money for giving them the "priviledge!" 

The most important distinction to be made on this forum is that anger is an emotion that most exiting cult members come to feel towards their former cult leader.  It's a natural response to being spiritually raped, lied to, and losing a good portion of one's life to a cult and it's leader.  Anger is an emotion that's acknowleged by exit-counselors because it's the most cathartic piece of the recovery process when someone leaves a cult, because many former cult members are afraid to express anger. That emotion is only one of the wide spectrum of feelings that all human beings have.  To suppress anger is not healthy.  But, becoming angry at Rawat doesn't make it hate, either. Those are two very different things.

Often anger is misconstrued as hate because anger is such a strong emotion.  It is the expression of this sometimes deep rage at being deceived for years and decades by one individual, the cult leader -- in our case, Prem Rawat, a/k/a/ Maharaji -- that is often confused with hate-talk.  Ironically, when a former cult member starts to express anger towards their former cult leader it's considered the healthiest part of the healing process, opens the door to feeling the grief of so many losses while in the cult.  So long as one doesn't act out the anger by making threats to harm anyone, including the cult leader the feelings of anger and grief are valid.

So rather than make a comment on "Indymedia" I decided it was best to observe the premies try to talk their way out of being in a destructive personality cult.  And because the One-Reality website was linked on that page it's quite obvious who is the online hate-group and who is not.  For someone to link that website illustrates to me how much congnitive dissonance is going on in the minds of these particular premies and how out of touch with the real world they actually have become.

Therefore, to all of the premies who read here, rest assured.  When you come to the conclusion that you've been subjected to intensive and continuous thought-reform by Prem Rawat, we Ex-Premies will be here for you to help you sort the whole mess out.  You will be allowed to ask questions you were once forbidden to even think about, and you can discuss them here. You'll be allowed to regain your critical thinking processes, and you'll be allowed to express your anger towards Rawat for what he has done to you. 

Cynthia, going back on vacation now....

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