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Thurs, Nov 25, 1999 at 12:32:34 (EST)


Cynthia G.





Another Perspective
Hi Joey,

Because of my orientation (being from an abusive home), I've learned a lot about how children react to abusive parents. So I offer this:

Those of us who received k during the time of m being God, became completely dependent upon m for everything, especially in the ashram. Brainwashed cult members are very much like abused children. Abused children consistently protect their abusers because as children, they are helpless and also because they love their abusers (I'm thinking about parents).

This analogy fits pretty well into the profile of a premie who protects m. They may unconsciously or subconsiously know that m is a very sick person or at least not what they have believed for years, but cannot break through their fears and denial to criticize m or even question any of his behavior. 'You are my mother and you are my father' were ingrained into us. The bond between parent and child is so great many abused children do not want to be separated from abusive parents even if they are in imminent (sp?) danger.

How many times has m said 'come as a child?' He still says it. LOLOL!! 'Be as a child.' That dominance certainly is a cult tactic to remove personal power from adults and especially young adults. I'm not implying that all premies are from abusive homes, I offer this simply as an analogy, based on my extensive reading and my own therapy.

It is very revealing that premies cannot bring themselves to criticize or question him. That in itself is a sign of a cult. I shouldn't generalize, but since I've been posting here I've been amazed by the way they protect m.

Bye, Love Cynthia

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