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 Date: 03/20/2004, 10:24:20
 Posted by: Cynthia
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 Subject: Prem Rawat's Adult Children and Hate Group...

RE:  Prem Rawat, a/k/a, Guru Maharaj Ji, a/k/a Maharaji and Divine Light Mission (DLM) or Elan Vital (EV)

It appears that there are some misconceptions about discussions taking place here concerning Prem Rawat's adult children.

Accusations are being made by some devotees of Prem Rawat that people who are former devotees ("premies") of Maharaji, who may or may not call themseves Ex-Premies, all hate Prem Rawat and have formed a "hate-group."  It's also evident by reading EV's recent press release concerning the John MacGregor case, that the Elan Vital cult itself would like the public to think that former "premies or devotees" of Prem Rawat have formed a "hate-group."

This accusation is incorrect.  Personally, I don't habor any feelings of hate towards Prem Rawat or any members of his family. 

This forum and EPO is not a group and certainly does not foster hate.  Most of the people who post here have never met each other.  The purpose of this forum is to assist people out of Prem Rawat's destructive personality cult.

Some people who come here to read and/or post messages do feel anger because they were abused for many years (some for decades of their lives) by Prem Rawat by his thought-reform programs and his other coercive activities.  It is a common after-effect for any former cult members to feel and express anger towards their former cult leader.  Those feelings of anger and betrayal do not make it hate nor does it define all ex-premies as a "hate-group."

I want it to be clear to any readers that the photos being published on this forum are from cult magazines that are over twenty (20) years old that were published and distributed by DLM/EV in the 1970s.  The small children seated on the lap of Prem Rawat are now adults.

The children in these photos, who are now adults, were placed on stage during large cult gatherings (where up to 20,000 cult members were in attendance) by their own parents, Prem Rawat and Marolyn Rawat No premie ever had any decision-making power during the time when Prem Rawat's children were infants and toddlers, to dictate to Prem and Marolyn Rawat whether or not their own small children would appear on stage at cult gatherings in the 1970s.  These decisions were made for these children by their own parents, not by premies.

These photos were widely published and distributed by DLM and EV in the cult's own magazines.  Around 1983, DLM/EV/Prem Rawat ordered his followers to destroy all "past" documents that were once freely distributed within the cult and also publicly used to recruit more cult members.  This "burn order"  included photos, documents, publications, films, cassettes tapes, and video tapes.  Some devotees didn't destroy the materials they owned and that's why some still exist and are posted here.

If Prem and Marolyn Rawat's adult children who have been discussed on this forum now have a problem with the fact that their parents placed them on stages to be photographed and published when they were small infants and children during 1970s cult gatherings, they might consider convening a private family meeting to discuss amongst themselves the obviously poor decisions made by their own parents, Prem and Marolyn Rawat. 

This forum and EPO are not about hating the Rawat family.  These discussions are about telling the truth about a destructive personality cult leader, Prem Rawat, who used his own children to recruit and keep people within his control.

We are discussing the history of the cult dating back to the 1970s and providing  information to the public that Prem Rawat does not want discussed.  That's why we are being called a "hate-group."


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