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New to this
 Posted by: Danny
 Date: 04/05/2005, 13:40:53
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Hi ... I just googled some old familiar names and was directed to their posts on this site. I am glad so many have grown out of the need to blindly follow anyone. I was a premie from 1973 until 1982. My path took me to the MB residence for a brief period of time and the "Broadripple" Hi Michael Donner! I always wanted to become an instructor and instead found myself being sent to Ct, NY, Philly, Gville and Atlanta all within a two or three year period! As coordinator for Gville and Atlanta I had tomatoes thrown at me and actually was attacked and beaten by several "older" PREMIES who felt I justwasn't "spiritual" enough! Yes ... I moved the Ashram from an old un air-conditioned building in the swamps of Florida into a new home with a pool and TV and even ordered the newspaper delivered daily! I encouraged the Ashram residents to get on with life... not to isolate from the world and encouraged community premies to take care of themselves, feed their children and if after that ... they had extra money ...send it to M. I argued endlessly with premies telling them to start living life... that M would not want premies starving themselves and their kids... HAA! I finally realized Atlanta... that I could no longer be the hypocrit I was! I could no longer preach to others what I was not willing to do myself. So I left the Ashram and began making my way in life ... on my own! YES... it has been difficult at times, and filled with insecurity and self doubt... but I always had a sense of self value ... even in the ashram ... I always had a sense of humour and a bit of the prankster nature. These things help me today. I wish you all well and if any of you remember me as I recall you... let me know!

Re: New to this
 Posted by: sam
 Date: 04/06/2005, 05:32:12
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i'm puzzled by the general air of blame on this forum. Danny at least seems to take responsibility for his own actions. Am i alone in identifying with the notion that if something doesn't feel good DONT DO IT.I grew up in what you would consider to be a full indocrination environment, ashrams, impoverished parents who spent all their money following maharaji around the world, I tagged along and got knowledge as soon as i could.As an adult i find myself to be disfunctional, creative, addictive, much loved, eccentric, successful as both a musician and a painter and happy.Maharaji gave me knowledge and for that i am grateful as i feel the difference it makes; my contemporaries suffer at the hands of social programming in a way i am slightly immune to. I grew up surrounded by messed up people who had found something solid to hang onto. Today I'm surrounded by messed up people who experience ever mounting levels of desperation and confusion.This is a generalisation of course but people who find real satisfaction in their lives shine like diamonds on the coal-face of this society, I am one of them and knowledge is part of why (for me).I don't care what Mr Rawat gets up to and i can't understand why you do, I just can't wait to see what I'm going to do next.

You Are Alone
 Posted by: NikW
 Date: 04/06/2005, 05:43:34
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In not being able to capitalize your 'I's

>I just can't wait to see what I'm going to do next.<

So what are you doing here ?

Re: You Are Alone ( modified much later! in Italics)
 Posted by: Lexy
 Date: 04/06/2005, 06:26:17
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In not being able to capitalize your 'I's

No he isn't alone, Nik. Jelly Donut didn't dot his " I"s either .

Please give people who post here a chance. Personally I wasn't particularly happy that Percy and Check were banned ( nor especially sad ). New posters need time to find their feet on this forum....which can be a shock and a puzzle at first.

Sam is obviously a " second generation" premie. It's interesting to hear from his perspective.

There are plenty of things that I would love to ask and say on this forum.(These are not specifics but more ideas and questions that arise as a result of somebody elses post) but I daren't because of habitually closed attitudes from exes (related, I think, to past " cyber-trauma " caused by a small number of premies. I am in no way meaning to belittle this very real and ghastly experience that they have been through and I say "a small number of premies " simply to allow for the larger number of other premies ,who would never think of harrassing exes, but might be trying to post here...not so long ago I was one of them)

Best wishes, Lexy.


Re: You Are Alone
 Posted by: NikW
 Date: 04/06/2005, 10:05:17
 Original URL: Click here (However, the link may be stale.)

>Sam is obviously a" second generation" premie.<

Obvious not at all - "Sam" has told us nothing about his history and has happily played along with others assumptions - and when faced with a direct question he has to 'go out'.

Here's a standard spoiler action - see if it matches Sam -

1. Open with an inflamatory statement to get everyones attention

2. Identify (flatter) an existing poster to compliment for being open/honest/responsible/caring - and thereby show others to be not those qualities.

3. Cultivate an air of mystery by declaring some competance - artist/musician/entrepreneur/counsellor - but saying nothing else about yourself.

4. Do not answer direct questions about your belief.

5. Go along with others assumptions without contradition, until you have at least some posters on your side - then you can go back to 2. to start working on how bad those 'other' people really are.

>There are plenty of things that I would love to ask and say on this forum...but I daren't because of habitually closed attitudes from exes (related, I think, to past " cyber-trauma " 

Firstly Lexy to characterise what some of us have had to deal with (and some still do - just because it's not evident to you doesn't mean that threats and libel are not still happening) as 'cyber trauma' is worthy of any signed up premie. Secondly to say  > caused by a small number of premies< - is crass,  it hardly matters how many were involved - and anyway the direct involvement of the cult organisation was evident in many aspects of what has gone on in the past.

I don't know where you get the idea that honestly asked questions would not be openly responded to on this forum - instead of accusing others of being closed minded why don't you try asking the questions you have and see what happens.


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