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 Posted:  Tues, Nov 18, 2003 at 13:48:26 (EST)
 Posted by:  Deborah

Subject:  They're just stupid fuckin pricks


that never amounted to anything. Because they weren't hip, they begruidge those that were.

And LYING, the stupid fraudulent cocksucker, went to one program 'Millineum' and decided it wasn't for him. So what the fuck does he have to gripe about?

I'll tell you what? He's a fuckin loser, that's what? And when internetted into the ex-premie forum, he found a cause to vent out his angst about being a loser peice of trailer trash.

Why would the fucker have to pretend he's getting calls, and working Cyanide up into a lather about it? Why would he have to make physical threats? Why would he spend all his waking hours hating premies, playing deceptive games, putting people's home address and phone numbers and enciting a forum full of deranged fanatics to attack him? Why would he spend his time stalking the perceived enemies? Do you not think he knew what Belcher was up to? He hinted that something was happening. He's a filthy piece of cocksucking loser garbage, and he KNOWS IT. No mystery.

I was talking to a friend today about the forum and the the game of teh exes. Her response was immediate. 'They are angry can't dos who never took responsibility for their decisions, avoided words of wisdom, and haven't changed. They need someone ELSE to be responsible for them.'

This is not brain surgery. Lauren figured it out in 2 posting sessions. Nineteen. And she was disgusted at the sight of middle age losers like Heller and Lying and CYanide. However, she thought she may have liked to post to one of Cyanide's alter. The one named Sarah Porter, who is 20 years old. Or does she get older every year like real people? Does Cyanide celebrate their birthdays, buy them gifts? Sheesh......

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