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Posted: Thurs, Aug 28, 2003 at 06:02:56 (EST)
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Subject:Silvia knows Neville never murdered?


But my question is: 'How could she?'

In one of her many infamous rants, she exclaims that Neville Auckland may have made a few mistakes but he never murdered anyone.

Disclaimer: I am not claiming that Neville did murder anyone. How could I? I haven't followed him 24/7 and witnessed for myself. However, we can all easily see that the possibility is there.

FACT: He was busted for for Unregistered guns along with the 2.5 million dollars worth of dope.

1. Therefore Neville had the intention to shoot someone without the intention of reporting the act. No authorization means no tracing the guns to Neville.

2. He had several motives: getting his weed stolen, personal assault from would-be thieves, fear of getting busted which leads to fear of being abused in jail along with it's hardships, the fear of being exposed to public shame, familial shame, loss opportunities for future opportunities, etc. etc.

Neville wold never be able to claim to be defending his possessions because 2.5 million dollars worth of pot is not a lawful possession, and neither is the money obtained from such an unlawful possession. I'm sure Neville is aware of this dilemma.

Therefore anyone could reasonably conclude that Neville was able, willing, and ready to shoot anybody who posed a threat.

So, now that we know that Neville had a lot of fears to defend and was ready, able, and willing to snuff out the lifeforce of an intruder at the time of being busted, than how do we know that nobody ever tried to rip off Neville over the years and met their fate?

The fact is: we don't. Do we?

How come none of the exes criticize such a dearth of critical thinking in Silvia's twisted rants?

Nobody criticized Cyanide and Lying's deranged exchange: (see post about Queen of Scream). Nobody critized Silvia's deranged conclusion about Neville.

How could they miss the obvious?

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