To 'Dr Watson'
Posted by: Doc

09/09/2003, 11:31:57

'Dr Watson' (gosh, the originality is breathtaking)

I am in receipt of an email suggesting that you have been making scurillous insinuations about me on this forum.

I checked. You are.

Thanks for bringing up my illustrious past, I'm sure we'd all like more of that done to us. I wasn't actually a klepto, just brilliant at getting whatever I took a fancy to, totally fearless (sadly, a state you will probably never enjoy).
I also gave a lot of stuff away and so enjoyed a minor Robin Hood fantasy coming to life.

It's a great sport for the wild young adventurer. One has to be very focussed and super aware of everything going on around the target area, just like hunting a really switched on stag, tremendous fun.
It takes a lot of courage of course, and as a reward I worked for a security firm for awhile, I'd grab a whole bunch of stuff from a shop and then go back in (accompanied by the delighted security salesman) and show the manager my haul - we did great business! Also did a screenplay with the blessing of the Aust Retail Association and the Queennsland Arts Council. The project became so word heavy it is now a book, as yet not finally drafted to my satisfaction. It's a ripping yarn based on some of my and some fellow hunter's more heroic exploits.

Now, how about you?

I've just checked out some of your posts to grok your general agenda. Quite the little nasty eh? I'm sorry to say this 'Dr Watson' but for you to suddenly, out of the blue, without any contact with me, make a spiteful attempt to ridicule, insult, expose or embarrass my good self,
well... says loud and clear that you are living a vacuous and depressingly empty life doesn't it.
Either that or I must be some kind of a threat to your make believe 'freedom'.

And no matter how curly and smartarsy your response to this message may be, you know that I don't have to state it any more emphatically than that.

Have an educational day.


5 Doc, can you get me a plasma HDTV?
4 Did you give Maharaji his share?
3 Finally, I've got some people I can relate to.
2 I'm going to have to think about this some more.
1 I'm glad I'm not a premie anymore.
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