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 Date: 05/22/2004, 13:31:33
 Posted by: ex-doper
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 Subject: Wacky Tabakky?

Hello, I'm ......., and I'm a dope addict.  I'll keep it short about my drug use, but suffice it to say, as they do in Narcotics Anonymous, I was headed for jail, death or an institution.

I've been clean for the last 31 years (except for a couple of short episodes that reminded me that I was an addict) because of my own willpower and the peace of mind I've got from Knowledge and Maharaji.  And I know lots of people who have stories similar to mine.

I've read on this website that Maharaji has separated people from their families.  Well, he gave my life and my family back to me.   My kids are grown now, and we have a wonderful relationship.  I love them and they love me.

As for the allegations on this website that Maharaji is an alcoholic and drug addict, I can only conclude that whoever posted them either has no idea about drug addiction and alcoholism, or no idea of Maharaji's schedule.   Maharaji is well on his way to doing over 100 events this year around the world, and he flies his jet to get to them, and a helicopter to cover India.  He's in the air 11 months out of the year.  He does that year after year after year.  Ever try to pilot a jet acrosss the Atlantic or Pacific stoned?  When I was doing dope, I couldn't even find my way home sometimes.

Maybe you guys are smoking too much wacky tabakky yourselves to see the obvious. 

I love practising the techniques of Knowledge, and I love the way Maharaji encourages me in it.   If you don't enjoy these things, fine.  But why post obvious untruths?  I don't think many people with any common sense take your site seriously.

 Date: 05/22/2004, 14:20:45
 Posted by: true blue
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 Subject: Re: Wacky Tabakky?

Hi ex-doper.

Just a few corrections to your information from my recent personal experience with Maharaji.

I managed M's jets, flight crew and yacht for a year, from June 1999 to September 2000, while his secretary was out on sick leave.  I managed the completion of the G-V for six months at the factory.

What he does is control his drinking to times when he is not going to be on-stage or in the cockpit. He does not drink past the prescribed legal time for piloting. He is very concerned with safety and he does fly the plane himself most of the time.

There are many alcoholics who control their drinking this way. They compartmentalize it. I have personally seen him with bloodshot eyes and the smell of alcohol on him when arriving on a charter flight where he was a passenger because it was in between the G-IV being sold and the G-V being ready.

This I know from a close acquaintance, that the drinks are to be out on the table at 5 pm sharp every day (if it doesn't impact speaking or flying). And he drinks steadily from that point on. And he can be verbally abusive to his family, friend/devotees, and premie servants, especially when under the influence.

Not that it's a big deal, but he definitely smokes cigarettes. When arranging charter aircraft, we always had to make sure that it was ok for him to smoke onboard. If not, we wouldn't book the aircraft.

I was once a believing premie like you for many years, but after my experience working for him in his inner circle for 2 years, I stopped following him and practicing knowledge. Since moving on, I have been fine, better than ever. And I practiced every day for 29 years, lived in the ashram for 7. I had a good, successful business career.

What happened to me was that I was in love with my master, and I got to see that he was not worthy of the adoration I gave him.

It was an extreme disappointment to learn that one I had held in such high esteem just wasn't who I thought he was, after getting to know him. And for me it wasn't that he drank or smoked, it was the way he was. How he handled things. He just isn't who you think he is.

I know that you mean well, but I think you are believing what you want to believe...I did it too.

I'm glad that your life is fine, but take credit for it yourself. Don't give the credit to Maharaji.



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