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 Date: 04/08/2004, 10:10:38
 Posted by: Freya
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 Subject: Great Post!

I'm impressed that you were able to get deprogrammed on your own.  EPO deprogrammed me. 

I was looking for inspiration on the web, found EPO, followed every thread like a soap opera junkie for a few months (fearful that Maharaji knew I was reading the forum) and finally broke through the brainwashing.  Like you say, the truth is very powerful.  And I am so grateful to all the participants here. 

 Date: 04/08/2004, 13:16:21
 Posted by: JHB
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 Subject: The fear that Maharaji's watching!

Yes, I was also afraid I was committing a sin when I first found EPO. The page I found was the instructors' manual, and my shocked thought was that it shouldn't be there, and definitely I shouldn't be reading it. I immediately closed the browser and disconnected. It was another three weeks before my curiosity got the better of my conditioning.


 Date: 04/08/2004, 19:29:39
 Posted by: Cynthia
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 Subject: Re: The fear that Maharaji's watching!

Hi John and Freya,

I also had the exact same reaction when I first opened the EPO website.

I lived for twenty-five years (even during time when I wasn't practicing) believing that Rawat knew my thoughts.  A day never went by when I'd do or say something and have a nagging fear that Maharaji somehow knew everything I was doing or saying or thinking.

Goes to show you how deeply ingrained the conditioning can get.  And people say, "Oh, just walk away!"  Yeah, right.


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