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Ok, more cringe time
 Posted by: Gallery
 Date: 04/07/2005, 15:12:43
 Original URL: Click here (However, the link may be stale.)

Here are a bunch of super strength, insider, X-rated premies expressing their devotion to Prem Rawat.

This is drawn from the Passages video.

Once again, only in Windows Media format and available in broadband (20.3mb) and dial-up (2.4mb) versions. This clip lasts about 8 minutes.

I will update the Passages page soon.


It's a sad commentary. They are trying sooooo hard.
 Posted by: Babaluji
 Date: 04/07/2005, 23:45:32
 Original URL: Click here (However, the link may be stale.)

The worst (my favorite) is Joan Apter.  Of all of these people I have had the most contact with was Joan and in many ways because she was one of the first 4 Americans (I believe) to have 'discovered' Maharaji and who assisted in bringing him to the West she was in those early days a literal Saint.

Yet, to see Joan today going from a seller of one new-agey gimmick to the next seems so sad.  By now Joan must be well into her 50's if not getting close to 60.  Unless she has a trust fund I suspect she might be hurting unless her Aromatherapy business is going gang busters.  Who knows?

Also I think that Maharaji has used Joan and has spit her out.  It almost seems that this Passage Video was one last hurrah for all these old timer dinosaur big star premies.  And seeing that the video has been pulled from the shelves almost confirms that suspicion.

Worse than a final reunion tour in this video is the sad realization that some of these former players must be having that they are not vital and esssential to the cause where they will no longer be in the limelight as they used to be.  They won't be addressing a packed auditorium of blissed out and impressed premies.  They will be grateful and pumped up when some 34 people show up and are slightly interested in Knowledge.

It's got to be a huge let-down.

The video section with Joan was revealing.  Or maybe I'm reading too much into it.

There's a moment when she turns her head to the right and coughs and then says "where you feel completely one" and then gives one of those LSD wild-eyed looks up in the sky.

Here's the first image of Joan as she turns her head to her right:

I mean, she just does not look well.  If this is peace and contentment I'd rather have a root canal.

 Below is Joan's rapture moment which preceeds her emotional moment.

And here's her cosmic I've-Seen-God look that is so 60's and dated:

And thanks Toby for giving me the clue about the Arti sound track on guitar.

These photos of Joan Apter are simply cruel
 Posted by: lars
 Date: 04/08/2005, 10:47:07
 Original URL: Click here (However, the link may be stale.)
I am chagrined, as an ex, that anyone would resort to the cheap trick of capturing snapshots from a video, designed to make Ms. Apter looke foolish.

A cruel mockery of someone still enduring the myth of Lord of the Universe is no way to offer support or make any sort of point at all, imo. Sorry, Joan, if you saw that, and best wishes to you in your journey.

Re: These photos of Joan Apter are simply cruel - I disagree...
 Posted by: Cynthia
 Date: 04/08/2005, 11:26:02
 Original URL: Click here (However, the link may be stale.)

Joan Apter was/is the Queen of Cult and as such has spread it around to a lot of people around the world.  Front and center.  That makes her a conscious cult manipulator the way I see it.  She's even more culpible than most premies because of that and also responsible for what she says.  And if someone wants to make fun of her, I say: so what?  Poor Joan?  I don't think so.

There are very few inner circle premies, specially one's who have been inner circle premies for so long, that ever take responsibility.  And who is "lars?" (care to say, lars?) to criticize?  No fair being so criticial of exes, when you don't put your own real name out there, right on the front line, IMO.

But, you are right about each to his doesn't have to like it...


Re: These photos are cruel...and Cynthia's response
 Posted by: lars
 Date: 04/08/2005, 13:19:11
 Original URL: Click here (However, the link may be stale.)
Excellent points in response to my post. My point was simply this:

Cruelty is wrong.

Whether it's demonstrated toward a very brave soul like Cynthia and others here, or toward those who have yet to buy out of the Great Myth of LOTU....

cruelty is still wrong and unnecessary, and perhaps only breeds more of the same, all too often. Again, just imo.

I quite agree with kind Cynthia about one thing: "Who am I (Lars) to criticize?" Excellent point, Cynthia, since if I criticize, I am admittedly quite the hypocrite, indeed. Still, I think it's best for a wounded hypocrite like me (I, too, sang Arti and kissed the feet) to try to refrain, to the best of my limited ability, from supporting a cruel examination of someone I once may have called "sister."

One small correction, Lars
 Posted by: NAR
 Date: 04/08/2005, 14:18:11
 Original URL: Click here (However, the link may be stale.)

A friendly nudge:  By "...yet to buy out of the Great Myth of LOTU..." you must be referring to the premie in the street.  These guys are the PURVEYORS of that myth!  A bit of a difference, no?

They have all seen the REAL M, up close and personal.  Do I think they believe he is LOTU?  Not likely!  They KNOW he is just some half-baked, braindead, lying, cult-monger...... and they SUPPORT that with everything at their disposal.  This includes mass revisionism and outright lying!

So...... given that...... those pictures are a joke compared to the cruelty that has befallen the likes of S (sexually abused as a child by a "mahatma.") or Pat Halley whose head was smashed in with a sledgehammer by a mahatma or the premies whose life savings, work, health and youth were wasted on "personal comfort" projects (e.g. DECA) for that pompous little ass.  "MY OWN" money squandered on an obsenely lavish gazillion square foot mansion for the lard! 

All of that actively supported and abetted by those few people that had the premies' special trust........ one of whom is pictured in those stills.  Sorry, I just don't buy it. 

Sorry, I guess that wasn't so short, was it?  I'm not getting on your case, either, Lars.  I jsut think you let your heart override your head for a moment or two.

Re: One small correction, Lars
 Posted by: Songster
 Date: 04/09/2005, 21:17:41
 Original URL: Click here (However, the link may be stale.)

I have to take exception to something you've said here - "Do they think he is LOTU? Not likely!"

Well, you're wrong. Seeing him up close does not necessarily mean they have been disabused of their illusions.

I'm sorry my friend, that is simply a fact.

Having said that, I also don't believe that takes them off the hook. The real problem, as I see it, is that in their world, there is no hook.

You, and many of the posters here have underestimated the depth of delusion in the minds of the people around M.

They have seen him and they have made everything okay in their minds - they have neutralized their doubts, they have protected their idea of who he is, and they may or not be happy, but they all support each other in this one essential delusion, and many of them are deeply invested in the myth.

For many of those close to maraji, acknowledging the truth would be tantamount to a complete pysychic breakdown, or alternately a disruption in their lives so profound that they subconsciously avoid it at all costs for fear of what it portends - the end of life as they know it.

So, I think there are two things here: one is that they do continue to believe, even seeing what they see, and two, they are wretched, wretched people, who both deserve our pity and must be held accountable for their lies and deceptions. In fact, holding them accouuntable, were it possible to do so in some serious fashion, would probably be in the end, the kindest thing one could do for them.

Of course, the sickest and most wretched by far is the author of this horribly tawdry drama. Maharaji himself. I regard him as an individual with an incalculably deep moral distortion, and as many disfigurments of mind and soul as are probably possible in a given human being.

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