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 Date: 04/06/2004, 06:37:07
 Posted by: Jim
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 Subject: Are premie /ex-premie friendships still possible?

I've still got a few premie friends, people who've been able to rationalize that CAC and ugly defamatory websites like Charles Glasser's or one-reality's were just the work of "rogue loose cannons" and not Rawat's responsibility.  But now that EV itself has stepped into these same muddy shoes, they can't say that anymore, can they?  So what will they say?

I mean, this is so rich.  My former cult is openly, publically lying about me personally, claiming that I once embezzled $18k from it.  What is the very minimum I should expect of someone who calls me a friend in the circumstances?  I would think that, at the very least, he or she should take an interest in the truth, especially when what's being said is so utterly baseless and damaging.  And if not, could I ever call that person a friend again?

It's sad but true, premies who don't distance themselves from this cloak of lies end up wearing it. 

 Date: 04/06/2004, 06:46:48
 Posted by: Friend of LA EX
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 Subject: Re: Are premie /ex-premie friendships still possible?

I'm sure those friendships are still are possible, but not easy.

To many premies Elan Vital is a joke, run by incompetent social climbers, or intolerable church ladies.  They aren't suprised by the really stupid things they do, because they don't think Rawat has anything to do with it.  They think he is as much a victim of EV's incompetence as anybody else.  It's just something they have always had to put up with.  There is a long history of DLM and EV doing really strange things, and being full of premies who think they are better than premies who aren't part of the organisation.

So, this new page in Elan Vital screw-ups is nothing new to them.  Plus, a lot of premies in the US think that many of the premies in Australia are particularly nuts.  Australian premies have a a reputation among North American premies as being just a bit too fanatic and unsophisticated.  So, that Elan Vital Australia would be particularly cult-like, iprobably sn't a surprise to many of them.

Weren't we all sick to death of (and deeply embarrassed by)  DLM and EV long before we actually left the cult?  I know I was.

 Date: 04/06/2004, 08:13:29
 Posted by: Friend of LA EX
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 Subject: Rawat is in control except when he's not
I know that premies delude themselves into thinking that "it's all different now," that things in the 70s and 80s were weird, but they are all just so in control now that Rawat finally is running things.

Unfortunately, however, this is a cult, and if you are in a cult you are the victim of a thought disease.  That's what makes EV's FAQs sound so stupid to anybody who isn't in the cult.

So, the goal is not logical thinking, the goal is to filter out contrary information to protect the belief system.  So, if things are going beautifully, according to culthink, it's all due to the fact that Rawat is finally in control and it's just so beautiful.  For all the bad stuff that happens, well, that's the fault of Elan Vital, or confused premies, or derranged ex-premies, or something other than Rawat.  This is the main commandment of the Rawat cult.  Nothing that ever goes wrong is Rawat's fault.  Never.  It is always somebody else's fault, including your own fault if you are a true cult member.

It is a really horrible belief system to live in.  It breeds regression, repression and infantalism.  Thank god we are out of it.

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