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 Date: 03/19/2004, 11:03:53
 Posted by: Jim
 Original URL: Click here (However, the link may be stale.)
 Subject: Holy Cow! These prices!!

I just checked out the Fine Dining prices at Amaroo. 

$250 Australian per head.

That's $250 Canadian, $188 U.S., 102 British Pounds or 102 Euros.



And let me guess, that's without wine, right?  Does it cover desert at least?

Holy cow. 

Tell me, anyone who knows, are there people who make a habit of eating there?  And how good is it? 

I'm amazed ....

Here's a list of the top ten restaurants in London:

none of them are even half as expensive.

God, could you imagine going there with a couple of friends?


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 Date: 03/19/2004, 11:19:35
 Posted by: Jim
 Original URL: Click here (However, the link may be stale.)
 Subject: No, drinks AREN'T included!

Bookings for Fine Dining will open as follows:

For Early Birds:

  • early afternoon Friday 19 March to 6:00pm Wednesday 24 March (US Pacific Coast time)
  • evening Friday 19 March to 2:00am Thursday 25 March (GMT)
  • early morning Saturday 20 March to midday Thursday 25 March (Australian Eastern Standard time)

For everyone:

  • early afternoon Friday 26 March (US Pacific Coast time)
  • evening Friday 26 March (GMT)
  • early morning Saturday 27 March (Australian Eastern Standard time)


Lunch - AU$59 per person
Dinner - AU$250 per person

Early Bird Bookings

An Early Bird is someone who registered for Amaroo April 2004 no later than 31 March 2003.

You may book a table for 2, 4 or 6 only. You will need the name of each person (as shown on their Smart Card), and their Smart Card numbers to make a booking.

Everyone in the booking must be an Early Bird.

Early Bird bookings are restricted to one brunch and one dinner per person, no matter who makes the booking. If you wish to book both brunch and dinner you will need to make separate bookings for each.

Please do not make a booking during the Early Bird booking period unless you are an Early Bird. Otherwise your booking will be cancelled (subject to an administration fee of AU$30) and you will be ineligible to make further Fine Dining bookings for this event.

General Bookings

You must be registered for the event before you make a booking, or your booking will be cancelled (subject to an administration fee of $AU30).

You may book a table for 2, 4 or 6 only. You will need the name of each person (as shown on their Smart Card) and their Smart Card numbers to make a booking.

Each booking is restricted to one meal and one table size. You may make as many bookings as you wish (subject to availability).


If the meal you want is not available when you are making a booking, you can book an available meal and waitlist for your first choice. If the meal subsequently becomes available, you will automatically be moved to it, and notified by email. If you select more than one waitlist option, you will be moved to the first one that becomes available.

There will be no waitlist operating at the Fine Dining Booth for this event.

General Information

Each person in a party will receive one email confirmation per booking, that shows the meal booked. Please bring it with you to the event.

Transport to Fine Dining from the Pavilion will be by bus from the Fine Dining bus stop. You will need both your Smart Card and your email confirmation to board the bus.

Drinks are not included in the price of meals and must be paid for at the time by cash or credit card.

Please be aware that no refunds will be given for cancellations of bookings or no shows.

Thank you for your support of Fine Dining.

Click here to make a Fine Dining Booking, after carefully reading the information above.

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Frankly, it doesn't sound like a lot of fun, does it?  First, you have to go through this Draconian registration process (everyone have their Smart Card ready?). 

And what's with this so-called "Early Bird" thing?  I thought "Early Birds" are all about discounts.  Don't see any mention of any discounts for these early birds.  Just some strict warnings about all the ways you can forfeit a stinging $30 Aus penalty, sorry administrative fee, for getting anything wrong.

And there's lots to get wrong, believe me.  You have to show up at the exact time with all your papers (your smart card, your email confirmation) at the bus stop, everyone in your party in tow.

And cancellations?  No shows?  Don't even think about it!:

Please be aware that no refunds will be given for cancellations of bookings or no shows.

Yes, Thank you for your support of Fine Dining.


 Date: 03/19/2004, 11:36:09
 Posted by: Jim
 Original URL: Click here (However, the link may be stale.)
 Subject: And God forbid you're a party of three, or five even!

You may book a table for 2, 4 or 6 only. You will need the name of each person (as shown on their Smart Card) and their Smart Card numbers to make a booking.

Each booking is restricted to one meal and one table size. You may make as many bookings as you wish (subject to availability).

Forbidden scenario one:

"Hey, we're going to Daya's tonight.  Care to join us?"

Forbidden scenario two:

"I'd like to register for my wife, her mother and me."

Forbidden scenario three:

"Listen, I know that we registered Derek Harper as our fourth tonight but, well, Derek's not feeling too well (a bit hung over, actually) and we'd like Michael here to take his place.  He's got a smart card and everything, he just doesn't have an email.  Well, truth is he didn't register with us to begin with."

Forbidden scenario number four:

"I'd like to dine alone, if that's alright."

Forbidden scenario number five:

"Well, actually, there are eight of us."

Forbidden scenario number six:

"You know, I've changed my mind.  Could I have the ....?"

 Date: 03/19/2004, 12:51:54
 Posted by: SilviaB.
 Original URL: Click here (However, the link may be stale.)
 Subject: You don't understand the hidden teachings

Maharaji wants EVERYONE in his cult to be succesfull in THAT world he created for his followers. The teachings are that as David Mancoff put it, "Maharaji want you to put your thinking hats on."  That was to communicate to the Detroit community that money was needed for MANY aspects of the cult. 

As his own experience, Rawat knows that money doesn't bring happiness but helps a lot!  It wakes life less boring for him, that is for sure; always working sooooo hard to be a "jet set man".

Premies need to work hard to be like Cat, Doc, to name 2, always having fun, playing tennis, swimming, drinking. Isn't that what life is for?

You miss the point then Jim.  Money is everything at the end in THAT world.  Push hard and think hard how you can be THAT rich devotee is the teaching. I remember Rawat saying in one of his most enlighted speeches that if one is not shynchronized the boat will leave you behind. The prices reflect the bEST world Rawat wants for everyone on Earth!

So, now tALKING ABOUT those PRICES.  HOW CAN THE premies PAY FOR THE GAS TO FLY that JET they BOUGHT HIM? Is not Rawat's fault that now he needs more money to survive, it is the PREMIES fault.  He got acustomed to the LIFE premies offered him, now is time to pay, participate, show your gratitude for that breath coming in and out, carajo! LOL

What happened is that you Jim left the cult too long ago.

Maharaji wants the BEST for his whole family, all jet set, like Cat and Dog.  Deb and Selene are in their way too.  They sound all so educated and having THAT love in their life in THAT loving website. 

We are all crazy here, thinking wrong of the most beautiful cult on Earth, where somebody has to maintain the lifestyle of the master zangano. No?

Don't laugh then Jim, or you Cynthia. They are having so much fun.  You are just envious.

Me, I'm rotten.  I stopped worshiping the master, my life is over. LOL

 Date: 03/19/2004, 16:02:46
 Posted by: Jim
 Original URL: Click here (However, the link may be stale.)
 Subject: Before you die, though, Silvia ...

Wouldn't you give just anything for just one fine dining meal?  Just one?

Think about it.  You have a shower, get dressed.  What does one wear to the most expensive restaurant in the southern hemisphere, what with it being out in the outback and all, right in the middle of a non-profit charitable organization and everything?  Your very, very best khakis might still not be good enough. Might want to buy some new linens.

Anyway, you get dressed, grab your Smart Card, your emailed confirmation and jump out of your tent and run down to the Fine Dining Bus Stop.  There you meet your one or three dinner companions and huddle around with all the other groups of two or four, no bigger, no smaller, waiting for this fantastic event.  You almost feel like you're living out a real live Vanity Fair fantasy or something.  Isn't that Dominic Dunne there with those funny eyebrows?  You casually sidle over, close enough to read his Smart Card. Why, it's hardly Dominc Dunne, it's just some other old coot.  It's David Roupell! God, you think, even some of these beautiful people premies are getting old. 

So you and your one or three companions finally get on the bus.  You're hungry but you remembered last year, the food was good if not all that much -- kind of surprising, really, if you want to let your mind get into it, which, of course, you don't -- so you actually did eat a bit not so long ago.  A veggie burger, in fact.  Not bad, you make a mental note to see if they have any of that brand back home. 

On the bus no one says anything.  All you're thinking of is wondering if He himself will be there, and if so, with whom?  Again, you can feel your mind just trying to spoil everything.  Now it's all going off about your meal.  Did you really choose the right one?  But you had salmon just last week, you chide yourself.  Besides, for this money ... no, you don't let yourself go there.

Finally, the bus stops and you alight in the impressive new foyer with drapes and everything.  "Wow," you think, "this is even better than I remember!"  "Are those new drapes, even?," you wonder. "They sure look good, that's for sure!"

Suddenly, as you're escorted to your table -- a little further back than you'd imagined.  Right by the kitchen, in fact.  Could there be a mistake?  No, that's your mind again.  Damn!  Wish it wasn't! 

Suddenly, you hear peels of laughter as if someone, somewhere's having a really good time.  You look over and, why yes, it's Hansi himself, hanging out over at a table with some ... hey, there's got to be at least nine people at that table.  Not four, not six and not even eight.  Nine.  For a moment, you think about how much fun you could have had if you'd only been able to put together your own dinner party.  But then no one had the money, anyways.  You remember that.  Besides, you had to register months ago and until a few weeks ago half your friends hadn't even decided to go at all this year.  That was before you talked them into it.  Yeah, who says "satsang" isn't still flowing when you need it?  Those golden pipes might not get used so much anymore these decades but ....

There's a fight outside!  Something's happening.  Someone's trying to get in.  Eighteen security guys come running from nowhere it seems.  Someone's taken to the ground. You'd love to keep watching but your server's there just then asking for your drink orders.  No, she's not getting a tip, that's pretty obvious.  She doesn't seem to give a shit about you, just seems tired to be honest.  You want nothing but a coke, especially at these prices, but you know how weird that looks.  You order the cheapest bottle of white something or other.  Oh yeah, you're in Australia, you remember.  How about the Shiraz?

You smile wanly at your one or three friends as if to say "Great, eh?" but you just can't quite bring yourself to say anything.  Some people around you at tables nearby are actually closing their eyes.  It's a bit freaky.  You can't wait for the wine.

Will He come?  And will She come with Him?  And which She anyway?

Behind you you can hear someone arguing about their meal.  It wasn't what they thought it was going to be and now they want something different.  God, you think, how will Maharaji ever bring peace to the world when we're all so ..

But then you listen a little more closely and you realize that the meal this guy got really does sound kind of nothing.  Why'd he order it anyway?

You're more irritated than ever.

Finally, the wine comes.

"Well," you say to your one or three friends, "how're you doing?"

Oh no, they don't answer, they just smile that kind of patronizing new age smile.  What are you going to talk about now?  Nothing?! 

You finish your glass.  Suddenly, this all sucks.  You're not even that hungry, to be honest.  You want to leave.  Maybe come back later ... but you can't.  For a second you laugh at yourself.  You were so critical of that damn all-inclusive last year in Cancun but, honestly, it was a lot more fun than this.  Damn, that mind again!

Now your one or three friends just look at you, wondering what you find so amusing.  They don't realize it's sheepish self-loathing. 

5 Brighter than 1000 suns as seen through night vision goggles
4 As bright as the lights on Maharaji's jet
3 As bright as a 60 watt light bulb
2 As bright as a pile of burning ghi on a swinging arti tray
1 As bright as the inner light as seen by the third eye

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