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  02/09/2004, 21:23:29






  Sky Radio confirms why they cancelled Rawat's account
I just got this email from Elizabeth Montgomery, Executive Producer at Sky Radio, which confirms the fact that Sky Radio did indeed cancel Rawat's account as I'd earlier explained.  Anyone who still doubts me can take it up with Ms. Montgomery. 
I emailed her this:
Hi Liz,
I hate to keep bugging you about this Prem Rawat fiasco but I wonder if you could please take a few moments to give me something in writing as to just what happened as we'd earlier discussed.   Like I told you, the cult members who post online have accused me of simply lying when I tell what happened.  They claim that Skyradio's account coincidentally expired just after I "pretended" to have heard from you.  It was just a coincidence, they say, that Skyradio cancelled his advertising then on the basis that he was radically misrepresented to you by his (then) advertising agency. 
If you could please give me a few sentences to set the record straight, that would be just great. 
Thanks again,
Jim Heller
and she replied with this:
Hi Jim,
I do apolozise, but I've been extremely busy the past few weeks.
As discusssed, after receiving your email and speaking with you, Sky Radio did in fact pull Prem Rawat's interview off of our web site.
In addition, Sky Radio will no longer place Prem Rawat's interview on our in-flight radio programs.
Elizabeth Montgomery
Executive Producer
Sky Radio Network
12155 Riverside Drive
Valley Village, CA 91607
818-762-6800, Ext. 11
[email protected]

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