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 Date: 03/18/2004, 11:43:08
 Posted by: Jim
 Original URL: Click here (However, the link may be stale.)
 Subject: You cheat, you lie, the 'game' is over - you lost


Give it up already.  This "game" is over and you've lost by default.

If you'd played fair, instead of playing the clown, you would have conceded that the press release does indeed attribute all sorts of scandalous findings to the judge that he never made.  You'd have then conceded that EV lied in its press release which answered the issue I first asked you about.

You saw where this was going as soon as I asked you to confirm the most obvious of points, one too trite almost to even mention but I was asking anyways just to be perfectly clear, and that was whether the press release attributed various findings to the judge.  Rather than admit the obvious, you played the fool. Perhaps a better analogy is a spoiled, little kid who refuses to fetch his toys from around the sandbox when asked because he knows that once he does, he's going to be asked to get in the car to go home and he doesn't want to yet.  So he acts up, pretends he doesn't hear, does anything, really, just to avoid going to the next step in the process.  If he can just keep his toys scattered, he won't have to go home.

Or so he thinks.

You're a fool, Roupell.  You look like a fool in your picture, you sound like a fool in your posts and, I must say, that one rock piece you posted, the one with the tasteless, old school big-hair guitar wanking, was one of the stupidest pieces of recorded music I've ever heard in my life.

Don't bother talking to me any further because, once again, you've demonstrated what a waste of time you are.  Every couple of years, I need a reminder, such is my apparently too naive faith in human nature.  Well, I've had my reminder now -- thanks very much -- and you can just go back to your fellow fools in the catbox.  Quit posting here. You're not welcome. 

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