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My email to the Lard
What you've asked for!

Mr Rawat,

I thought I had to send you a copy of a post I made on the Internet, on the forum, as it was destined to YOU.

I've been one of your faithful followers for more than 24 years, helped you in whatever possible way in your work. I've spent almost 6 years in your ashram. A very significant part of my life has been dedicated to YOU in your organizations. I've been one of your part-time instructors in France, where I live.

Until I finally realized there was too much wrong things going on around you, and that you can't be considered an innocent in this respect. YOU ARE the head of your organizations, and you've been having this role for a very long time. I can admit that you were not totally responsible of what was going on in DLM before you were 16, or your wedding, maybe 18. I know you're an intelligent person.
AND YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for what's going on around you.

Many things have been bothering me during this journey at your service, and I've always thought none of these bothering facts was related to your 'knowledge'.

Why do you keep showing such an awful picture of what you call 'knowledge'.
Who IS responsible for this?
WILL YOU answer me?
I know you could do much better than what you're doing now.
You know how your premies are doing (not so well in my opinion).
Why don't you show some love for them and help them out of the stupid belief you've hammered in their craniums.
YOU are the one who can do something.

You can help them, and there are people who can help you setting the situation straight.
You don't need all these servants, and they DON'T need you for their spiritual growth, if this is what they're looking for.

There ARE qualified meditation teachers.
There are many ways to develop one's spiritual side.
Your 'knowledge' is not something appropriate, and YOU KNOW IT!
There are many ways to have a fruitful and beautiful life, and 'knowledge' is not appropriate in this respect.
WHY do you think that more than 90% of the people who've ever received 'knowledge' left ? Try to be honest, will you ?

You ARE rich enough now to now live without their 'donations' , and let them have THEIR lives.


Here is the copy of that post I made on the forum:

M just wrote on his website, in his 'journey' section :

'Quite a few people wanted to see me as a figurehead. I didn't want to be one and I am not one. A few others saw me as a leader, and I didn't want to be one and I am not one.'

I guess that most of the premies have heard him say things like (all this has been transcribed and published in DLM/EV's magazines) :

'Who is Guru? The highest manifestation of God is Guru. So when Guru is here, God is here, to whom will you give your devotion? Guru Maharaj Ji knows all. Guru Maharaji is Brahma (creator). Guru Maharaji is Vishnu (Operator). Guru Maharjai is Shiva (Destroyer of illusion and ego). And above all, Guru Mahraji is the Supremest Lord in person before us. I have come so powerful. I have come for the world. Whenever the great come,the worldly oppose them. Again I have come and you are not listening. Every ear should hear that the saviour of humanity has come. There should be no chance for anyone to say that they haven't heard of Guru Maharaj Ji. Those who have come to me are already saved. Now its your duty to save others. Shout it on the streets. Why be shy? When human beings forget the religion of humanity, the Supreme Lord incarnates. He takes a body and comes on this earth ......'
'And if there has to be devotee, he has to be in a physical form. A devotee has to devote something. Have you understood now ? To devote something, he has to be in a physical form. And where is it possible for him to be in physical form ? On the earth. And with whom can he be in the physical form ? With the Lord, who is in His physical form! He has to be with the Physical Lord who has come into this physical world with a Physical Body. Understood.'
'Look it's beyone liberation. It's beyond all those things. Beyond all concepts. In this lifetime, we have the opportunity to realize, to be with GURU MAHARAJ JI. Be it not GURU MAHARAJ JI - You know maybe they didn't call him GURU MAHARAJ JI - Maybe they called him Lord, anything to be with that power. To be with that thing. To be not infinite. And yet to be with the infinite. To be here as individuals. And yet to be able to be next to the person who is everything, GURU MAHARAJ JI. The Lord all powerful.....'
'Do you need me? I am with you.
You can't see me, though I'm the light that allows you too see me. You can't hear me though I talk through your voice. You can't feel me, though I'm the power that works in your hands. I'm working within you though you ignore my paths. I'm working though you don't recognize my work.
I'm not a strange vision. I'm not a mystery - only in absolute silence beyond the personality that you seem to be; and then only like a feeling and like faith. Still I'm with you, still I hear you, still I can answer you.
When you need me, I'm with you and I help you. In the moments in which you think you only find yourself, I'm with you. Even in your fears. Even in your pain, even when you meditate and when you don't meditate. I'm within you and you're within me. Only in your mind are the problems of 'mine' and 'yours', but still only with your mind you can know and perceive me.
Empty your heart of ignorant fears because apart from your personality, in between, I will be with you. By yourself, you cannot do anything, but I can do everything.

Though you cannot see the good - The good is there. Because I am there, because I have to be, because I am everything. Only in me the world has meaning. Only when you are in me, the world will take it's true shape. Only because I am the law, in which rests the movement of the stars and the growth of each living cell. I am the love that is the fulfillment of the law; I am safety; I am your peace; I am everything. Though you fail finding me, I never fail finding you. Though your faith in me is insecure, my faith in you never vanishes. Though you give your faith and love senselessly to others, My love is only for you, because I know you, because I love you.'

I can't understand how both ways of putting it are compatible!

Whether really he's the Lord of the Universe, and his 'journey' is a lie


he lied saying he's the LOTU, and he's really no figurehead


I don't understand anything of his logic.

Being what he thinks he is, could he say anything and anything he says is true?

I don't understand, and I doubt anybody will! What's his credibility?

And I've been horrified by his website.

1/ the layout is terrible, it looks like some hellish arcade games
2/ the copyright stuff is awful: you click on the light, you're ready for the experience of your life, and you get to one of the worse thing you get to see on the web. I've seen some awful websites, like those showing corpses and body parts, and I would rate the right next to those.
3/ his cookie sytem is monstrous. Even Microsoft doesn't do this!
4/ the content is empty. It only looks like some justification for the critics he's getting.
No presentation of his 'beautiful knowledge' whatsoever.
Very very strange indeed!

I am really wondering what the premies think seeing something like this as the frontpage of their beloved knowledge! Ashamed watching their maharaji displaying something like this? I would have been ashamed 3 years ago, honestly.

I would quote him again,

'when you do something wrong, there will be no one around to stop you.'
Prempal Rawat, you're doing something awfully wrong! Stop it!


Best regards from your ex-premie,

jean-michel kahn

[email protected]

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