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Thurs, May 06, 1999 at 04:33:50 (EDT)








butting in - arguing w/ premie

What's still a mystery for me is what motivates these guys to come and post here. There's definitely something wrong with them cultwise. They don't realize how harmful they are for m & k. I'm sure most of the premies don't like seeing their posts and cult speech exposed this way. What's even a greater mystery is that I know for sure that many premies don't like at all what's exposed on the 'official' m websites either! Or maybe they simply do because it's m's wish after all!

Read for instance what a friend of mine (not a premie) whom I recently gave m's website's URL answered me!

I managed to see M's page last night - weird is one
way of describing it. First a long, and ruthless, legal disclaimer including the imposition of an identity number to all users and dire threats if the content was 'misused'; then a long spiral into nothing ........

The Links include a US weather home page (which may tally with reports that M has a private jet pilot's licence), US State Department travel advisory pages, and the home pages for BBC and CNN news. The latter two went into my bookmarks. But that was about it. I moved on.


5 Brighter than 1000 suns as seen through night vision goggles
4 As bright as the lights on Maharaji's jet
3 As bright as a 60 watt light bulb
2 As bright as a pile of burning ghi on a swinging arti tray
1 As bright as the inner light as seen by the third eye