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Sat, Feb 20, 1999 at 10:59:14 (EST)








My Message to BM
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I came across your vacuous web page and was astounded at some of the things I read. Actually, I am astounded that you would so blatantly lie. For example, you said you never wanted to be a 'figurehead.' Excuse me? You must really think people are stupid.

You sat on thrones, wore crowns, referred to yourself in the third person, allowed yourself to be worshipped, pranamed to, and had us line up by the thousands to kiss your feet. You also allowed, without comment, yourself to be referred to as the Lord of the Universe, the Superior Power in Person and the Perfect Master, and demanded total devotion and surrender from your devotees. 'Figurehead' is an extreme understatement, when it comes to you, and you did everything in your power to see that your exaulted position continued.

Such blatant lying would be laughable if it weren't so tragic; if what you have done hadn't caused so much damage to so many people. As a former devotee of yours, I am offended that you would so cavalierly misrepresent a significant period in my life.

Now you say you have 'evolved.' I certainly hope so, but part of evolving into a responsible adult is admitting the truth and taking responsiblity for you actions. Maybe some day you will 'evolve' to the point where you actually will have some integrity. In the meantime, shame on you.

I doubt you will respond to this message, as I have sent you letters in the past and you never responded to them, apparently because you never cared enough about anyone but yourself to do so.



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