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To Bim, again...
Dear Bim -
I posted this message to you in a thread below, and you never answered it - I don't know if you read it or not. Anyway, since you bring up the same points in your post above, I'm repeating it. By the way, I don't think Maharaji is the Anti-Christ - I think he's just a person.

My partner and I run the site, and I cannot tell you how many people have e-mailed us to thank us for maintaining the site, and how many people have expressed
appreciation for this forum. I know it's probably difficult for you to understand how helpful both the forum and site have been for ex-premies, aspirants, and people whose family members re premies, but we've got the testimonials to prove it.

You wrote And then those of you who pay the 194 000 $ or whatever it is for the internet pages, might deduct it from your tax bill. Well, the site certainly doesn't cost that much, and it's funded by contributions from people who post and read here, and we've NEVER had a problem getting contributions for it. So obviously, some people find it valuable.

Before '' was on-line, there was really NO place for anyone to hear from former followers of Maharaji. If Maharaji is the person you say he is, then he should certainly be able certainly handle criticism and an objective look at his 'knowledge'.

The Forum, in particular, is the first place where ex-premies AND premies from all over have been able to come and talk about their feelings about Maharaji, their experiences with DLM/EV, and so forth. If it appears that some of these people are living in the past by talking
about things that happened 10, 15, or 20 years ago, consider this: for many of us, the forum is the first opportunity we've had to be able to talk about our experiences with Maharaji to ANYONE. Meanwhile, we've been walking around with a lot of unresolved issues in our heads for all those years. When I found the forum, I personally felt like I'd gotten five years of my life back - the five years I'd spent as a premie. It was a great feeling.

I've read your opinions about anger in some of the posts below. I think that having a place to express anger at Maharaji is VERY freeing for some people, especially those who believed he was divine, or god, or whatever. For every action or feeling, there's an equal and opposite reaction, and I feel that it's important to people's healing that they be able to express anger, disgust, or whatever at Maharaji. I know that some of the things people say about Maharaji on
the forum are very offensive to premies, but I firmly believe that it's part of the healing process. It's great to SAY, as you do, 'think positively', but sometimes it's hard for people to DO unless they're allowed to get in touch with their negative feelings.

I have seen a lot of ex-premies 'get on with their lives' after using the forum to talk about their experiences, express anger, and so forth. Being able to talk about these things, finally, has helped a lot of people get 'free' of the effects of their experiences with Maharaji. You talk
about freedom like it should happen instantly - I think it's a process, and I believe that the people posting here are engaged in the process of freeing themselves from negative belief systems.

It's great that you feel that you have the option to follow Maharaji or not. I can tell you that I did NOT feel that way - I believed that Maharahi was the present day Perfect master. And that the Knowledge meditation was IT - the only road to salvation and so forth. So when I didn't experience much from the knowledge meditation (and I did try and meditate for two hours a day as M said to, plus attending satsang every night and doing 'service'), this caused me to
have a lot of feelings of guilt, unworthiness, self-castigation, and so forth. Personally, I was afraid to stop practicing knowledge because Maharaji had said that having Knowledge and not practicing it was like having 3 tons of vegetables and not eating them. They would rot,
horribly. I was terrified of going crazy if I didn't practice the knowledge meditation, or go to satsang, or do service. I don't know when he said “if you like what I offer, fine, if you don’t like it- please leave”, but it certainly wasn't during the time I was a premie.

Anyway, I hope you can realize that many of the people who post here have been hurt deeply as a result of following Maharaji. And there needs to be a place for those people to express how they feel, and to talk to other people who feel the same way. You may call it 'digging shit and spitting it out' - I call it 'healing'.

Take care -

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