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Tuesday, May 8, 2001







Joe, I swear this story is true..a little example
Joe, here's an example of the impeccability requirement along with the 'copycat tendency' from a local intro program a few years ago.
It shows how following the maha rather than your own common sense is silly and counterproductive, and just so plain also shows how no one in their right mind would ever get into this at this point...

When I was still involved, I volunteered to run the video projector at the local hall for an introductory program one Sunday night.
The crowd would be mostly premies, with a few invited guests.

One premie had even spent days designing an invitation that he actually had to clear with EV before it could be used.
Ushers had gone hundreds of miles away to an ushers participation meeting for a full weekend to be properly trained and synchronised.
There was a properly trained emcee, with canned remarks according to EV's direction.Part of those directions specifically stated that under no circumstances should humor, original remarks, or one's personality be involved with the intro remarks.
There was a properly trained event manager, properly synchronised.
There had been a required security meeting for all participating servants to be properly trained on how to operate the fire extinguisher in the hall.(not kidding)
(The hall is about 12 feet wide by 30 feet long and seats about 25 people max.)
Two ushers were trained and in place.
A backup emcee was present, just in case.

The divine sales table was properly manned by the sales person.
Another person sat at the back of the room with an intro video of m, to be handed out to anyone who showed up by mistake and was not ready for the intro program(?).
This person had been to a meeting with David Smith about how to approach new people who wandered in and were not deemed ready for the video-they were to be given a free video to go home and watch.

Another premie stood outside the hall and kept an eye on the parking lot.
Another premie sat in the back, ready to assist at any time for any reason.(kind of an all around utility man)
Another premie handled the lights, ready to fade up and down, in synch with the video.
Another premie sat beside the thermostat, in case it needed adjustments.
Another premie stood by, ready to talk to new people at the end, if any came and had questions.
And I stood ready to run the video machine.

Let's see, I think that's about 12-13 people involved in service at this point. (The community has about 25 people max, about 15-18 regulars)

(To those still reading this post, I am NOT kidding or exaggerating any of this. This happened about 3 years ago, and was done acccording to the EV book.)

Problem was, that after this routine had been practiced and run a few times, this particular night there had been a torrential rainstorm just before the program.
This were hurricane type gales of wind and rain, which lasted about 20 minutes and then quickly passed.
Anyone on their way to the program would surely be caught up in it, and the resulting traffic jams.

I was there very early to set up the video equipment, but quickly surmised that there would be a problem due to incoming late stragglers, because of the rain...

However, only being a mid level community member at best, due to my somewhat maverick nature, and refusal to become a 'church lady', I was quickly over-ruled by the reigning 'Industrial strength church lady' (a man I will not name, but is more uptight and rigid than David Smith, if you can believe that..)

I told the 'ISCL' that we needed to start the program at least 5-10 minutes late, due to the inclement weather.
If we didn't, people would be streaming in late throughout the video, and being a tiny room,it would create havoc for the viewing of the video.

But the 'ISCL' prevailed, citing m's insistence on using the atomic clock to start the fact, his watch had been set that night to the atomic clock, in synchronization with the anticipated intro program.

So, the program starts at 7PM sharp, right on the money according to the atomic clock.

Only problem is, the only people in the hall are me on the video projector, and he and his wife.

What to do?

We had to start on time, but the requisite quorum of 12 able bodied premies was not present.

What is a Church Lady to do?

(Now put youself in his shoes for a breath or start on time, but are very short on personnel-not good with EV. Or you wait 10 minutes and get the required personnel, but you have violated m's practice of starting compulsively on time. Either way you're in deep doodoo of the mind, and not wanting any bad reports to filter down to EV personnel.)

So, he starts on time, according to the atomic clock.(m's way, according to his point of view)

I run the video, his wife emcees, he checks the thermostat and fire extinguisher while turning down the lights, then his wife takes the required intro video and waits in the back of the room, while occassionally peeking outside at the parking lot.

The video starts,(only 3 of us at the outset) and premies stream in for the next 20 minutes, completely wrecking anyone's ability to watch it in any focused manner, as the door constantly opens and closes with light and outside noise streaming in.

About 10 regular premies come, no visitors...

But everyone did a little service...10 people all serving each other....

After the 'program', there was a 'debriefing' amongst all servants, to discuss the synchronised participation...

I think that was the final straw/drip for me....

I resigned as video man shortly thereafter.

A true story; actual names of servants deleted to protect them from lurking EV personnel and Glen Whittaker, who might seek to take disciplinary action against them.

5 Brighter than 1000 suns as seen through night vision goggles
4 As bright as the lights on Maharaji's jet
3 As bright as a 60 watt light bulb
2 As bright as a pile of burning ghi on a swinging arti tray
1 As bright as the inner light as seen by the third eye