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  11/14/2003, 19:16:45






  One word of advice, LD
We all see our young selves in you, and quite honestly I think it's counterproductive for any of us here to try and talk you out of it.  If anybody had tried to talk us out of it back then we wouldn't have listened and why should you?

But there's just one thing I want to say, so please listen -  just be careful.  Don't centre your whole life around this thing and try not to take it too, too seriously.  And above all, put some planning into your life.  Have fun, of course, and do all the things you want to do - it's what being young is for - but don't lose sight of the main game.  If you haven't already, go to college, get some skills and find work you really value and enjoy.  Have friends who aren't premies.  Develop your creativity, and when in doubt listen to yourself and no one else and that includes M.

A premie I used to know well died recently, and some of his last words were that he felt he'd wasted his life.  He had some extraordinary talents but he listened too closely to M and didn't really develop them - he didn't think it was that important.  And when he knew he was dying he looked around at his life and saw it had become a wasteland and it was too late to do anything about it.

Sensible premies keep their feet on the ground, get a good education, a decent job before it's too late to get in there, some sort of place to call home, and enough money to enjoy the good things in life.  Then if K turns out to be an illusion and M a fake, there's not so far to fall when it's too late.  It was too late for my friend and it still makes me want to cry.

A lot of the premies in my home town haven't done enough to develop their skills and their lives and they're a sad sight to see.  They may meditate daily and go and see M whenever they can but it obviously isn't enough.  They're all in their 50's now and a lot of them look far older.  A lot of them have developed longstanding drink and drug problems and very little to show for their lives.  Don't end up like them.

So just be careful - that's all.  Don't make the same mistakes as them because a lifetime's habit of not taking the other stuff seriously can be a hard one to break.

5 Brighter than 1000 suns as seen through night vision goggles
4 As bright as the lights on Maharaji's jet
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