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 Date: 02/14/2004, 09:08:34
 Posted by: lotus
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 Subject: refuge
Wow. Is it possible that you have some issues with your background?

If you have such a deep respect for the Australian society you live in why did you take refuge in a Hindu cult as an adult?

Isn't it rather patronising to assume that you have the right to speak for all the people who have ever passed through Amaroo? (Did you ever work there?) And isn't it just a bit much to also assume that because your great grandfather was involved in the ALP you somehow have some grand moral authority and natural genetic right to rid the state of Queensland of ...Rawat?

Not all premies are mindless victims of an evil cult leader. The world is more complex. Not every member of the ALP is a true blue, not every activist has pure intentions. In fact some activists drown their integrity in self-serving piety and the need for attention.

I know people who have been damaged by the choice they made as adults to be involved in Amaroo. And yes, it is sad. But in the end they have to take responsibility for it. Demonising Rawat only keeps you locked into a toxic and obsessive state of mind and you stop thinking clearly. And sometimes you stop thinking strategically. It is not strategic to deny that certain documents were stolen. The case against Amaroo is now tainted because a certain someone made a mistake he wont take responsibility for. And then, clever thing, he lied in court. Almost as bad as Ackland really. Drug dealers... grrreat.....With PR like that ...

This whole thing is about premies not Rawat. Former brothers and sisters. People, human beings, humble no-bodies, everyday folk. Your old friends. Show the premies some loving kindness and stop treating them like mindless evil freaks. Listen to them. Not everything they say is the product of brainwashing. Do you feel compassion for their suffering? Really? Then why don't you talk to them in a compassionate way instead of playing out Macgregor's attempt to avoid costs he was daft enough to bring on himself.

And if you discover that there are premies who enjoy Amaroo, who are in fact happy? How will you meet the challenge of your own suffering without taking refuge in dismissing them as brainwashed?

'self-liberate the anti-dote'

 Date: 02/14/2004, 11:12:32
 Posted by: Cynthia
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 Subject: Hey Lotus, don't shoot the messenger...

"I know people who have been damaged by the choice they made as adults to be involved in Amaroo. And yes, it is sad. But in the end they have to take responsibility for it. Demonising Rawat only keeps you locked into a toxic and obsessive state of mind and you stop thinking clearly."

Based upon your logic you're trying to shoot the messenger who in this case is Nya and ex-premies. 

Have you ever heard of blaming the victim?  Your statement above is exactly what you're saying about Maharaji and his premies with regard to Amaroo and then you swerve and also blame ex-premies, specifically Nya.  Why is it that Maharaji never takes responsibility for all the many huge mistakes he's made in his career as a guru?  He's been an adult much longer than he was a child guru. Why is it that premies such as yourself can't or don't complain directly to Maharaji about his failures and bad judgments? 

Nya wrote a report.  Nya also has the moral  authority to write that report because she donated large sums of money under pressure from Maharaji's closest associates.  It's not Nya's fault that Amaroo is in the pits.  She's just reporting the facts.  She also has an interest in that Amaroo land and she has a right to complain and report about it.

But, what did she receive from premies?  Direct threats upon her person.  Is that what makes life so great for the followers of Maharaji?  To threaten people on behalf of Maharaji and your life in his little world?  You talk about the mind but you're not using yours. 

Why don't you ask Maharaji why he spent so much of the money donated by premies (as Nya did) for his own extravagant and oppulent comforts at Amaroo?  If you have anyone to blame for Amaroo's failure, why not point your finger directly towards Malibu where Maharaji has also sunk millions of dollars of premies' money for his home there?  Ask the source of Amaroo's problems, and not by watching a video.  Ask Maharaji directly what happened and why.

Why is it impossible for you to even consider that it's Maharaji himself who has lead the premies, who have trusted him the most, into financial ruin?  Do you ever ponder that question?

Do you ever wonder why everything around Maharaji is such a big secret?  If not, why not?  Why does Maharaji get a pass on everything he has ever done that involves using the very people who love him the most?  I don't use the word "use" lightly either.  Do you ever wonder why Maharaji  gets all the good stuff and the premies end up in a ditch financially?

You can ask Maharaji about these things.  Why are you so frightened of him, Maharaji is just a human being just like you.  He's not playing out a lila here, the failures of Amaroo are but one example of the way Maharaji has always run his life and subsequently run the lives of premies into ruin. 

You want answers, ask the source of the problems:  Prem Rawat.  You're not going to shut ex-premies up, so you can give up on that one.  Ask Rawat about his responsibility in losing Amaroo.  While you're at it, ask Maharaji why he's so afraid of publicity while he's preaching to his premies that he wants to propagate knowledge to every land.


 Date: 02/14/2004, 22:01:46
 Posted by: lotus
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 Subject: I am not a premie
Nor am I afraid of Rawat. So think again. What I am saying is not the product of brainwashing. It is telling that you assume I am a premie defending a corrupt master and spouting anti-mind brainwashed garbage. Ho hum...

 Date: 02/14/2004, 22:55:48
 Posted by: Cynthia
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 Subject: If you're not a premie, then why are you here?...

Why is it "telling" that I would assume you are premie?  This is a forum for ex-premies.  Premies come here all the time saying the same types of things you are saying.  Plus you chose a typical premie alias "Lotus."   You know?  As in Holy Lotus Feet that premies kiss on Maharaji.

What interest do you have to post here without any introduction of your identity or purpose?

So how about it, what's your game here?  Don't think you're going to get away with harrassment here, whatever your reasons are for making your posts. 


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