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Editor's Note: This message from chr is in response to a barrage of posts from a few characters that were posting as moron, Malibu Barney, Club Barney, nicki the quickie, Jerry Springer, and many other cute little names.

I would have provided an example, but the posts have been exorcised from the Forum. The content was, perhaps, intelligent in terms of a clever use of words and concepts. However, there was a manic, insane quality that was considered disturbing by general consensus.

Coincidently, at the same time there was a thread on the topic of LSD. Thank god, that I've got Dr. Nick around to keep me in clover and Valium.


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madness in M's world
Some of the recent posts, with their manic flavour, have reminded me of an aspect of premiedom that I'd almost forgotten. As well as the devotional, emotional ardour shown by many premies, there was also a flip side of the coin-or more accurately, a dark almost crazy underside. There was also a kind of amorality, born out in the behaviour often displayed at festivals. The difficulty that hotels had with premies, the shoplifting and prostitution rackets at Kissimee are just some examples. I suspect this was at least partly created by M's perceived attitude to society at large-that the world was a creation of mind and the only real values were those of devotion and surrender to M. This created disorientation and for many a fairly constant sense of feeling disturbed. We would turn to meditation or satsang to take away the disturbance and of course a cycle of addiction is created.

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1 As bright as the inner light as seen by the third eye