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red heart


Magical thinking

Do you have no idea how familiar these 'expressions' sound to everybody here? - or that we have all used pretty well all of them in our time? - or their power to incite vomit-inducing nausea when we read them today?

And that there is now a web-site in existence to collect them, edit them, polish them up, rewrite them where necessary and display them in perpetuity, in all their gushing glory?

The trouble is, Red, this an uncensored discussion forum for ex-premies. As Brian once put it, ex-premies post here by right, while premies are here by privilege. So by all means join in, but you know what to expect. Unlike, not only will your words not be censored, they will inevitably be subject to critical scrutiny. Hey - call us a 'mirror' if you like...

...And the amazing thing is, if I am there, really there, he is there too. Whether it is 10,000 miles away, 50 yards away, or much closer.

This is magical thinking, Red. Just nonsense. Do you mean 'Whenever I feel something nice inside, I imagine that the Hamster has something to do with it? In fact the Hamster really is right there with me!'

...Yes, I have spoken to him in person more than a couple of times, and I can say with all sincerity that it really depended on where I was at at the time, what I experienced.

Which seems to suggest, that, er, what you were feeling at the time was no more than what you were feeling at the time. You can take the Hamster right out of this equation and get the same answer.

...It's when I really work on myself and my own faults, and when I really make sincere efforts to understand and apply what he has taught me, that I can even fathom understanding him. If I try to understand him when I am being aloof myself, only then can I see coldness; when I am feeling the real warmth and openness of real love and devotion, then that is what I see in him.

Red. You are projecting. Learn the word. Think about its possible implications.

...He really is a mirror. And sometimes that's very confronting and very scary. But we can all relax, because the guy holding up the mirror really is loving and kind and magnificent.

Yeah, yeah - the mirror. So many premies have spoken recently about the 'mirror', I can only imagine the Hamster must have mentioned it in satsang somewhere. Am I right? Smash the mirror, Red. The seven years bad luck is just superstition.

...The love he has unveiled for me to experience is not hindered by the fact that there may one day be millions of others wanting to see him too. This love has its own kind of transcendence.

There will never be 'millions of others wanting to see him too', and you know it.

...Sometimes the hardest thing for me: forgiving myself. I used to imagine that he would be angry with me. But he's been teaching me, and I've been learning: I only need to forgive myself.

Jeez, Red. He taught you that, did he? This is a pathetic state of affairs.

Couple this last sentence with that phrase you used earlier: I couldn't stand this world without him and can't you see where he's got you? He's put one king-sized cookie in your brain that prevents you seeing the world without attributing some role for His Lardship in it.

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