I used to sleep in Rawat's bed !  
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Posted by: Jean-Michel
09/09/2003, 15:39:46


No kidding !! We had a room in the Bry sur Marne (Paris suburb) ashram where Rawat stayed one of the first times he came to Paris, back in 71 or 72.

'His Room' used to stay locked for years, except for special occasions, and we were packed and slept in the few other available rooms. Sometimes in the mid 70s, I was the ashram secretary, and a big move was made when I bravely decided to use it for mahtamas when there was one around, instead of the other room we used to also keep for special occasions (leaving us quite very small place to sleep). Finally, step by step, that room lost its special status, and we started using it for the ashram residents.

I slept or took a nap quite some time on 'His Bed' - what an experience I had !!! The very proof he was divine, and that he would leave some special qualities to the things he would touch !

Where is that all gone ????



I'm Glad someone did
Re: I used to sleep in Rawat's bed ! -- Jean-Michel
Posted by: Brian S
09/09/2003, 19:12:50

In Portland we had this beautiful victorian home turned ashram where a room was kept for bubba and another room was reserved for his mom. These bedrooms of course were the largest and the nicest ones in the house beautifully decorated and furnished with the best.

No one ever used these rooms, they just lay dormant, M never came nor did Mata Ji.   

The ashram residents slept on the floor typically on straw mats and all the while these beautiful rooms with fine beds lay wasting away behind locked doors.

This sounds like the whole M experience in a nutshell .......

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Re: I'm Glad someone did -- Brian S
Posted by: dant
09/10/2003, 02:32:12

Somehow I feel I must confess. In NYC in the late 70's there was a girls ashram where a room had been renovated and set aside for the great one. After several years it became clear he was never going to show. At some point, ostensibly because of housing shortage, little ole me was sent from the boy's house to move into this room. That's right, a house full of gobi girls and me sleeping on the lord's bed.

The most religious experience I had though was when one night one of the female residents came in stark naked and asked if I could rub cream into her back. But silly me I didn't forget my vows. Tragic really... (for reasons I'll never understand I guess the CC at the time must have thought I was the safest candidate to send there and he was right)

I wonder if this was some kind of test? Perhaps Xtian will be so kind as to interprete this for us.


5 I don't want to sleep in Maharaji's bed.  I want to sleep with Him!
4 I wanted to sleep with Mata Ji!
3 Stark naked? Where do I sign up?
2 I'm going to have to think about this some more.
1 I'm glad I'm not a premie anymore.
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