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  11/07/2003, 10:06:14






  Self absorption or social responsibility?
I've had another look at the TPRF website. There's a section entitled "Prem Rawat Responds to Questions about Peace". He says, "I used to be enamored of the idea of "world peace," and it was a great thought to have. Then, as I started traveling throughout the world and meeting people, I realized there was no such thing. In all these years, I have never come across something tangible that I could call the world. It is not the world that needs to be fixed; it is people. When people are at peace within, there will be world peace. Right now, people are fascinated with war."

He then goes on to prescribe knowledge as bringing peace within - and thus, peace to the world.

Do tell me - what concrete evidence is there that knowledge brings peace to the world? Where are the concrete results of the supposed 'peace' wrought by those devotees of Maharaji who have knowledge? Please give me a single example of peace brought to the real world as a result of knowledge or Maharaji. Where are the humanitarian deeds done as a result of the experience of knowledge? Just a few months ago, Rosie Lee, who toured the US on Maharaji's behalf, wrote a letter to the Daily Californian, the newspaper at the University of California at Berkeley, and called Maharaji a leading humanitarian. Maharaji claims that peace will be attained by practicing knowledge, but where is the evidence to support this assertion?

The focus of knowledge is self absorption, one's own experience. There is only room for the master and servant in this relationship - no one else. You'll never read about Maharaji encouraging his devotees to give to the poor, feed the hungry, or care for those in need. No, he tells his followers to express gratitude to him as a reward for being so self indulgent. Peace is an individual experience, to be savored by each person. Indeed, Maharaji himself - despite his fantastic wealth, accumulated from devotees' donations -- does not feel the need to better the lives of the poor or suffering. He has given little or nothing to those in need, while daily enjoying the great wealth his devotees have bestowed upon him. Where are the reports of humanitarian deeds done on his behalf by his followers, as a result of practicing knowledge?

Social responsibility means giving to those in need, even when you have little to give yourself. To me, that is the meaning of peace, and that is how peace will be manifested in this world. It doesn't involve kissing the feet of someone who mistreats those around him. There are so many people who post here who give to the world without thought of "gratitude". That is self absorption. Thanks to all who have embraced social responsibility.

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