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 Date: 04/01/2004, 19:17:07
 Posted by: still a premie
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 Subject: Are there any others here who are still premies?
My post here is as a heads-up to other people with Knowledge that may come here meaning well as I had before -- to communicate sincerely in case there were those here with sincere hearts. I just want to warn you that when I posted here I lot I came under psychic attack and am certain it was people from this loosely or tightly formed "ex-premie" hate group. Make no mistake, this is what some of them are, is haters -- and there is no need for you to submit yourself to being treated this way. When I lasted posted in an ex-premie forum it was hosted by (not this same host) but certainly the haters have come here too. I just want to say, don't waste your breath. People who come to read posts at ex-premie places come because the WANT to hear bad things about Maharaji. (And I really was psychically attacked by the ex's when I said positive things about Maharaji which they feared might cause people to like him.) Enuf said?  Love!

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 Date: 04/01/2004, 20:08:21
 Posted by: la-ex
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 Subject: errr..Michelle?...a question for you.....

If this is Michelle Deradune, I seem to recall that you came here a year or two ago, and were also met with lots of good posts, humor, intellectual stimulation, sincere questions, along with the usual jousting that goes on when exes ask premies the tough questions about their involvement with rawat,his behaviour, and the beliefs they have about him and knowledge(even though most premies prefer to believe that they have no beliefs....)

My question is this: How do you know that exes were "psychically" attacking you?

Can you explain this belief of yours, in detail? How you were "psychically attacked", who did it, how they did it, what did it do to you specifically, etc?

Shouldn't you have absolute proof that this indeed did happen, before you brand people here as haters?

I, and no one else I know here "hate" you, I don't believe anyone here is "psychically attacking" you, and I'm wondering how you can, or will, substantiate these claims.....

As always, I'm up for a good conversation, from the heart, if you are, and that can include tough or challenging questions about your lord....I believe, that tough or confronting questions can come from the heart, and many times help people sort out their can free people from stagnation and help with their growth...

One last question--did prem rawat or premies "psychically attack" John Macgregor with the law suit and gag order against him?  Just curious, and as always, best wishes to you...


 Date: 04/01/2004, 21:16:53
 Posted by: NikW
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 Subject: Hey Ho

We must be coming up to a full moon.



 Date: 04/01/2004, 22:20:12
 Posted by: Cynthia
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 Subject: Not the full moon, Nik, Amaroo...

Hi Nik,

I suspect that many premies are upset and nervous about the upcoming Amaroo program.  There is so much uncertainty about it and of course, it's all the ex-premies' fault you know.  It could never be anything Maharaji has done.

I think premies are very worried that Maharaji might not show up at Amaroo and  I can't imagine being in that position at this point in my life:  placing all of my eggs in Maharaji's basket and the truth is that he may be too much of a coward to show up.

That's one helluva leader and LOTU!


 Date: 04/01/2004, 22:07:24
 Posted by: Cynthia
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 Subject: Psychically Attacked?...


I remember when you once came here to post but I don't remember you being "psychically attacked."  What do you mean by that, can you explain? 

You accuse us of being a "hate-group" but you have no basis on which to make that claim.  It's very easy to throw around the word "hate" when all you're trying to do is to defend Maharaji.  Is that all you have?  Is that the expression of an organization supposedly dedicated to love?  Is that the message Maharaji is now teaching his premies?  To demean and label others?  To threaten people who have left him and talk about it?  Is that the example being set by your leader who is supposed to be the incarnation of God?

Don't you see how obvious and transparent this new label for ex-premies is and how desparate you sound by using it?  Elan Vital itself has resorted to publically calling us a "hate-group."  Elan Vital is using tactics against ex-premies that are encouraging premies to do illegal things to harm us and not just online.  In real life.  You say you were psychically attacked on this forum?  I received three death threats and I was hung in effigy within the past month, Michele.  This was all done by premies!!! Who are the real haters here, Michele? 

If you want to continue to follow Maharaji that's your choice.  But to come here as if you're on some sort of a mission to warn off other premies is strange, Michele.  I suppose you can't see that, but that's still no excuse for labeling us as a hate-group.

You must take into consideration that the people who post on this board have come to the conclusion (which is the premise of this forum) that we were once in a destructive cult.  That's not hate, Michele -- it's the truth.  Plus, the vast majority of premies that come here to post attack us.  Now you've done the same thing.  Once again, who are the real haters?

If you want to have a reasonable discussion, Michele, posting on this forum that ex-premies are a hate-group isn't exactly the most logical way to start out a conversation.  You might want to give that some thought.


 Date: 04/01/2004, 22:50:50
 Posted by: NevilleB
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 Subject: I confess. It was me that did the psychic attack.

I took a quart of churchyard clay, tongue of newt and eye of toad, fashioned it into a homunculus, and baptised it "Still A Premie" with unholy water. Then I pentetrated its heart and liver and spleen with needles of obsidian by the light of a dying moon.

Uh, ok, they weren't really needles. I just prodded it with my finger a few times. We're not allowed anything sharp in here.

Screaming Mad Neville B

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