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Mending a broken heart
 Posted by: Mike Finch
 Date: 03/24/2005, 13:16:28
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Hi Bear

I know exactly what you are saying, and I feel the same way.

I too gave my heart openly and freely to Maharaji, and there were undoubtedly good times I had with him.

I too felt my heart was broken, but I assure you it can be mended again. I now feel a great sense of awe, love and amazement at this universe and my life in it, and there is no intermediary needed! People can help, of course, and give advice and make suggestions - but it is now just me and what is around me (other people, this world, the stars) with no guru in the way!

The good bit is that just as he had no grace or love to give us, beyond that of any ordinary person, so he has no power now to stop us feeling love again. When we loved him, the love came from us; now we have seen through him, the same love is still there - it is only our fear and anger, perhaps, and the feeling of our hearts being broken, that stop it.

The really good bit is that now we can make intelligent and informed decisions about where we direct our love.

And just because we once gave our love to a cause and to someone who did not deserve it, does not mean that we should now withhold our love from those around us who *do* deserve it (including ourselves, of course). That means he scores twice. For myself, I will only settle for his scoring once (can't avoid that, it has happened and is in the past); I will not let him score again.

And was it really love we gave him anyway? Love needs to be freely given, I think, and the feeling I had for Maharaji was not freely given. Perhaps in the beginning it was, but it soon had something of the desperate and sycophantic about it.

-- Mike

Re: Mending a broken heart
 Posted by: jonx
 Date: 03/24/2005, 15:44:08
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Hey Mike. No matter what you currently think of Maharaji. No matter how you currently feel about the relationship you had with him, or the value of the time spent with him and practicing Knowledge… he gave you something that you still benefit from. He took the time to show you and teach you about something that was once important to you. He gave you something that satisfied a thirst you once had. He helped you to understand something about life and about yourself that, had you not had it, you would arguably be much worse off today, in ways you will no doubt never know.

Of course you can’t see that. You let the doubts of a few hijack your perception of the value in his teaching. You benefited and still do nonetheless.

Perhaps one day -- dare I say, God willing -- you will once again give credit where it is due. If that time were to come, maybe you would do so free of any doubt that coercion was at all a factor in the giving.

Re: Mending a broken heart
 Posted by: Jonti
 Date: 03/25/2005, 01:26:02
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He gave you ...He took the time to show you and teach you ...He gave you ... He helped you ...

I call bullshit on your eulogy!* He has nothing to give, that should not freely be given* He took your time, while selling his* He has nothing to give, that should not freely be given* He mutilated you, in particlar in your ability to think about the world, and to feel for your family, lovers and friends.

It's this last one which makes "Captain" Prem Pal Rawat into the pathetically transparent laughing stock that he has become. Consider this carefully -- have you ever heard the man extol the achievements of the human mind? Have you ever heard him extol the virtues of human love and loyalty? Have you? Ever?

Has he ever praised the love of a mother for her children? Has he ever marvelled at the heroism of rescue workers?Has he ever wondered at displays of love and courage?

There are countless examples of almost superhuman courage and love reported every year. Has Rawat ever found himself humbled by the heroism and devotion of ordinary people to each other, and to life itself? Has he? Hmmm?

Usual drill, Premie Ji. Please try to recall specific places and dates when you heard Rawat praise our human capacity to love each other, and confessed himself humbled by the recurring displays of the greatness of our love for each other.

Do let us know if you can recall any such occasions.

Jonti-- never a premie

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