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Posted: Fri, Oct 10, 2003 at 22:00:42 (EST)
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Subject: A playground for sickos par excellence


It's the ambiguity of this medium, you see. You can invent any number of fake identities, even bolster them with fake e-mail addresses and fake webpages, no problem. A playground for sickos par excellence.

THE CAT'S WHISKER A Funky little spot for anyone feeling free and easy

5 I used to be called Mili, but have shortened it to Mil because I could
4 Let's see, Doc, Russ Shipton, Cerise and so many others
3 Playground? Who needs a big old playground when you've got a catbox?
2 Those illegal libelous and completely out of context CAC pages?  I don't remember that.
1 The One-(Twisted)-Reality pages?  Never ever thought Maharaji was God.
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