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  I love me, too :)
Hey Roger,
You reminded me of something. I am sure that even the premies could recognize a "cult" if it wasn't about them, personally, so here goes....

If you recall, maybe you don't, but back in the early 70's (before 1976), the JW's, not JW the person, but the JW church were claiming, once again, that something like armageddon was going to occur around 1976 because it had been 4000 years since something or other, etc, etc. You know, a typical prediction or prophesy. It was in ALL their literature at the time..... bear with me... I know I can be long. The watchtowers and awake magazines, you might just remember that.

Anyway, the prediction OBVIOUSLY didn't come true...... so what did the leadership of that church do? YUP, YOU GUESSED IT, they "blamed" the flock for being overexuberant! I kid you not..... and the JW's BOUGHT IT!

I said to myself, WHAT????????? How could they blame the believers for something that the LEADERSHIP said and wrote into those magazines. By the way, in case you didn't know, those mags carry almost the same weight as the bible to them. So, the leadership makes the prediction, the leadership publishes the prediction, the leadership tells kids to not bother finishing school, since it was goin gto be maningless anyway, and the leadership told eveyone to get ready, etc, etc. NOTHING HAPPENS, of course and the LEADERSHIP BLAMES THE FLOCK for overexuberance?????? Like I said, WHAT?????????

Sound a bit familiar? I don't think ANYONE would consider the JW's to be anything but a cult, so maybe this will get some attention. M's org has blamed everyone but themselves for everything that has gone wrong. Failing that M, himself, blames the org, itself...... what a crock! What a cult.....

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