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Editor's Note: God, I wish that I was a fly on the wall at the Detroit ashram back in 1973 when Maharaji returned from receiving the keys to the city and a pie in the face from Pat Halley. Halley later was fooled by Mahatma Fakiranand and thought that he was to receive Knowledge but instead got struck on the head with a hammer and lived the rest of his life with a metal plate in his head. Fakiranand was whisked to Chicago and then out of the country to avoid criminal prosecution. It is on good word that Maharaji himself directed the operation to whisk Fakiranand out of the country. Sounds like a felony to me.


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Roger E. Drek


Wait no more guys!
As told to me by Ann Johnston.
That day when MJ was pied by Pat Halley, there was a press conference scheduled at the ashram following the reception where he was going to receive his civic award or key to the city.
Ann had been busy preparing these hand made signs that said 'press' on them to be placed on the back of the chairs for the media people and one 'special' sign for MJ's chair that of course said 'Guru Maharaj Ji ' on it.
Now the people in the ashram who had been waiting
for MJ to return from the reception had heard about him being pied, even before he returned home.
According to Ann, Fakiranand upon hearing the news 'cowered in a corner of the room like a little boy...and began trembling.'
Then MJ returned. According to Ann he was totally enraged. He stormed into the ashram and upon noticing the signs Ann had made for the chairs saying 'press', he proceeded to rip them all off, and shouted out 'No more Media!'
MJ then noticedFakiranand cowering in the corner of the room, and according to Ann, he spoke the following words to him:
'I don't want you to hurt this man'
End of story. You guys of course know the rest.
But the thing I want to share with you is this.
When Ann told me this story(in 1996) I had this 'gut' feeling that there was something wrong with it. That she wasn't telling the truth, and moreover she may be hiding some dark, long held secret.
I couldn't figure it out. What was wrong with Ann's goddamn story?!
And then one day when I was driving in the car, it came to me.
Here's Mj returning after being pied. The little 15 year old pisher is in a rage, so much so that he storms into the Ashram, rips off signs, shouts out 'no more media'...and then calmly, in English, says to Fakiranand 'I don't want you to hurt this man.'
Two things.
In the early days I have great difficulty remembering MJ speak to the mahatmas in English. He seemed to always speak to them in Hindi.
Secondly, for thoseof you who speak a second language, and have the kind of grip on it that MJ had with his English is extremely difficult to slip into your second language when you're that angry, but not that fluent.
I just have a hard time believing Ann's story.
Somehow I envisage M in that moment, shouting out something in Hindi, blaming the whole pie incident on his mahatmas who failed to protect him or something like that...and thereby setting Fakiranand off.
To this day, and especially after hearing Ann's defence of Mj, I believe that he not only directed traffic after the fact, but that in his irresponsible little pisher ways, he incited Fakiranand to commit the crime.
And thats the story guys.
I hope I didn't disappoint.

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