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  02/08/2004, 08:55:00


  Nya Alison Murray




  Assessment - Ivory's Rock Conference Centre

1.       Executive Summary .. 2

2.      Objectives.. 2

3.      Purpose. 3

4.      Background.. 3

5.      Analysis of leaked documents.. 5

5.1.        Internal analysis of Elan Vital Australia, non-profit association and owner of IRCC P/L. 5

5.2.       Indicative cash flow positions for 2001. 6

5.3.        Amaroo Loan Repayment Schedule 2002. 6

5.4.        Staffing – Amaroo September 2002. 7

6.      SUMMARY AND Recommendation.. 7


1.   Executive Summary


Ivory’s Rock Conference Centre Pty Ltd is suspected of serious  financial fraud.

The non-profit association, Elan Vital Incorporated (ffice:smarttags" />Australia) is being used as a profit making private enterprise and luxury private residence  for a US citizen.

1.      Myrine Investments owns the land and buildings. Myrine Investments is registered in Jersey, Channel Islands, an off shore tax haven. There have been an estimated $30,000,000 USD spent on improvement to this property since it’s purchase in 1991 by volunteer and paid labour, loans, donations and revenue, organised by Ivory’s Rock Conference Centre Pty Ltd. The commercial value of the property is estimated to be $7,000,000 Australian, as the improvements are eccentric. 

2.      Prem Pal Singh Rawat has publicly stated that he owns this property.

3.      Elan Vital Incorporated (Australia), a non-profit association registered in tate>South Australiatate> has a lease to the Ivory’s Rock Conference Centre site from Myrine Investments - important point to note Prem Pal Singh Rawat has the right to nominate the members (effectively the directors) of EV Inc.

4.      EV Inc. owns a company called Jeeps Nominees Pty Ltd. - note that Ltd (Limited) refers to legally limited liability, this means if Jeeps Nominees Pty Ltd were to go bankrupt little or no liability would fall on EV Inc. Jeeps Nominees Pty Ltd owns Ivory's Rock Conference Centre Pty Ltd

5.      Leaked financial documents from 2000/2001 indicate neither Jeeps Nominees Pty Ltd nor IRCC Pty Ltd appear to have any significant level of assets, and that IRCC Pty Ltd is unequivocally a trading company yet it appears to have been trading while insolvent, since 2001 - a serious offence under most commercial law.

6.      Since a business is viable so long as its assets are equal to or greater than its debts, according to leaked documents, Ivory’s Rock Conference Centre Pty Ltd had apparent debts of $11 million(US) in 2002. Even if Myrine's assets were behind IRCC Pty Ltd, of which there is no evidence, the conference centre appears to be broke.

7.      The leaked documents indicate it is financed by an ongoing effort to co-erce new loans from followers of Prem Pal Singh Rawat as the old loans become due.

8.      Recent confidential anecdotal evidence reveals that selected lenders have been quietly advised to recall their loans as quickly as possible from IRCC Pty Ltd, for reasons unknown.  

2.   Objectives

The main objective of this assessment is to expose the financial affairs of Ivory’s Rock Conference Centre  Pty Ltd (owned by Elan Vital Australia) to appropriate scrutiny by the proper authorities  in the light of anecdotal evidence and leaked internal documents. The inference is that this company is sailing close to the wind in terms of financial propriety. (It appears that the company may have been trading while insolvent, and apparently breaks  the criteria for a non-profit association, that of providing no benefit to an individual.).


A second objective is to examine the relationship of Prem Pal Singh Rawat of Malibu, California to IRCC Pty Ltd. Significant anecdotal and circumstantial evidence indicate that he is the main source of commands and directives for Ivory’s Rock Conference Centre Pty Ltd. (See attachment: letter from the co-CEOs of IRCC P/L, 16th October 2001). In addition, there is strong anecdotal evidence that Rawat is the beneficial owner of the Ivory’s Rock Conference Centre land and improvements through the Jersey company Myrine Investments. This begs the question of the tax-free status of Elan Vital Australia as a non-profit association.


In addition recent confidential anecdotal evidence reveals that selected lenders have been quietly advised to recall their loans as quickly as possible from IRCC Pty Ltd, for reasons unknown.


3.   Purpose

The purpose of this document is an initial consultation to notify appropriate authorities of possible illegalities under Australian company law, and to question  the tax-free status of non-profit association Elan Vital Australia, apparently invalid by virtue of land and property improvements  estimated in the vicinity of  $30,000.000 USD to the alleged beneficial owner, Prem Rawat of Malibu tate>Californiatate>.


4.   Background

The land and improvements of Ivory’s Rock Conference Centre (also known as Amaroo)  is owned by a company based in Jersey UK ( Myrine Investments). This company leases the land to Elan Vital Australia for 99 years. Elan Vital owns the company Ivory's Rock Conference Centre Pty Ltd through Jeeps Nominees, and has given the company the rights to run and develop the property. Elan Vital internationally has raised tens of millions of dollars in loans from its members to develop the land and infrastructure via Ivory's Rock Conference Centre Pty Ltd.


Conferences involving discourses by the cult leader Prem Pal Singh Rawat appear to be almost the only activity, and these seem to be held annually.  They involve


·        Motivational speeches by the cult leader.

·        Recording of motivational speeches by the cult leader

·        Sale of artefacts relating to these speeches


By extrapolation of the leaked financial documents, improvements to the property are estimated to have cost conservatively $30,000,000 USD. (From the documents capital works in one year were $4,000,000USD. The property has been developed from pasture land over 10 years, and 2001 is taken as an average year. The improvements include kilometres of fibre optic cable, computer networks, water and sewerage systems, roads and bridges, two luxury mansions, a fine dining restaurant, a meeting hall, an outdoor theatre, several bathroom blocks, permanent shopping stall complex).


Elan Vital has a tax exempt status as a non-profit association incorporated under the jurisdiction of the South Australian Attorney-General.


The conference centre caters almost exclusively to followers of Prem Rawat, known as premies, a Hindi word for lover.


Some of the conference facilities are:



The facilities are not suited to normal commercial use. In fact what has been built at Ivory’s Rock Conference Centre is a luxury accommodation areas housing only a few people, an outdoor amphitheatre suitable for theatrical events, a small meeting hall for a few people, and for ordinary attendees, a camp area with toilet blocks and showers. The capital works have been estimated to in excess of $30,000,000 USD, but the commercial value of the property at around $7,000,000 Australian.


Rawat is the defacto boss of treet>IRCC PL.treet> One of the leaked documents bears this out, as two co-CEOs of Ivory’s Rock Conference Centre, George Laver and Cath Carroll  deliver a progress report on the IRCC  to him.  The conference centre is used as a private residence for Rawat when he is in Australia.


The leaked documents show, supported by a wealth of anecdotal evidence from the ex-members of the cult involved in the running,  that the company IRCC Pty Ltd only continues to operate by borrowing increasingly large sums from followers, in part to meet new costs, in part to pay out old loans. From the leaked documents, the outstanding loan balance is appears to be in excess of $10,000,000 USD. Most of the new expenses are capital improvements. Anecdotal evidence indicates that there is no will from Rawat, who is known to cult members as ‘the boss’ to change this circumstance.


In the last couple of years, IRCC Pty Ltd has suffered substantial declines in business levels, since the period covered by the leaked financial documents for 2001/2002, and conferences with Rawat have been cancelled.


A source close to Rawat has privately revealed that some of the inner circle followers who are major lenders to IRCC P/L were advised over the Christmas New Year period 2003, to withdraw their loans from the company.


The attorney-general of Jersey may be approached by an appropriate authority, to divulge the ownership of Myrine Investments. Myrine Investments has gained an estimated $30,000,000 USD worth of improvements to the land and infrastructure  through IRCC P/L, and should IRCC P/L go bankrupt, Myrine has nothing to lose and everything to gain. The lease with Elan Vital would be invalid, and the improved property reverts to it’s owner, who has paid no money for the $30,000,000 improvements. Rawat is widely believed to be, and has publicly stated he is the owner.


Rawat has publicly distanced himself from the various Elan Vital associations around the world, however his commercial role in relationship to the Ivory’s Rock Conference Centre Pty Ltd is that of shadow director.


5.   Analysis of leaked documents

Financial and other documents were downloaded from the internet. They were leaked by the spouse of a follower, because of concern for the spouse’s involvement in illegal activity.


All the documents are of significant interest.



The internal analysis document contains the following quotes:

This document paints a picture of a hierachical organisation with with vested power, characterised by secretiveness and lack of accountability, with no line of responsibility to the community, yet the community provides the funds to run Elan Vital Australia.


This is a very damning picture painted by internal critics of a non-profit association formed supposedly for the benefit of its members, but actually with a membership restricted to a very few, with ordinary followers denied membership, but providing the finance for the organisation by donated contributions and loans.


It appears that in 2001, Ivory’s Rock Conference Centre Pty Ltd ran at a loss of around $1,000,000 USD.


It appears that outstanding commercial loans of around $10,000,000 USD were augmented every month by new financing loans to support this position., even as some were repaid.


This position would be untenable for any normal non-profit association. Anecdotal evidence indicates this position has worsened in the past couple of years. It appears likely that in 2002 Ivory’s Rock Conference Centre Pty Ltd traded while insolvent. In addition, one document indicates that lenders are often contacted to turn a loan into a donation.




The loan replacement schedule indicates that a substantial effort is put in to keep track of the  individual lenders in terms of asking them either to extend the loan period, or donate the loan, or find new individual lenders when there is no alternative but to repay a loan.


Having to deal with a large number of lenders to support a history of losses appears to be a dubious behaviour for an Australian non-profit association. Particularly in view of the fact that a large proportion of finance seems to disappear into improvements and new infrastructure for the property itself, which is only leased from the owner, the Jersey company Myrine Investments.





This document appears to be about a conference with the focus on  Prem Rawat and his motivational speeches.


Staffing levels seem disproportionate, at odds with normal commercial practice



Anecdotal evidence indicates that the bulk of these people were volunteer labour, from many countries, spending up to three or four months in tate>Queenslandtate> in preparation for a three day convention.


In fact, anecdotal evidence indicates that thousands of international volunteers worked full-time and part-time at the Ivory’s Rock Conference Centre over the past 10 years, mainly on capital improvements and infrastructure. It is very doubtful if more than a handful knew that they were working for the Ivory’s Rock Conference Centre Pty Ltd. They were almost all under the impression they were working for Prem Rawat.


6.   SUMMARY AND Recommendation

A major part of the business seems to have a business purpose of attracting financial contributions and new loans. Only a small proportion of these monies goes into running a conference centre. The major part goes into capital works and infrastructure to the benefit of an offshore company.


It is difficult to understand why IRCC Pty Ltd would spend most of it’s time and the substantial proportion of its monies on a large program of capital works that only benefit the owner of the property, the offshore Myrine Investments, and fulfil the obligations of a non-profit association to it’s membership.


There appears to be some kind of commercial fraud in the activites of IRCC Pty Ltd in constantly soliciting loans to become solvent and replace old loans, with no hope in view of ever being in the black.


Surely there is sufficient indication in the leaked documents and the wealth of anecdotal information available about this cult to warrant an investigation of

  1. The non-profit association status of Elan Vital Australia, owner of Ivory’s Rock Conference Centre Pty Ltd
  2. The tax affairs of both the association and it’s company
  3. Why a US citizen appears to have a tax-free capital gains on his palatial residence in Australia paid for by an Australian non-profit association.


In addition, a request to the Attorney-General of Jersey should be made forthwith to disclose the ownership of Myrine Investments, the owner of the Ivory’s Rock Conference Centre property.






  02/08/2004, 09:19:08






  Assessment - Ivory's Rock Conference Centre
This clearly shows the illegality of EV's operations in Australia, and invites investigation into similar organisations in different countries that have made donations to EV Inc (AU).

May I just say publicly that I have tremendous admiration for your courage and respect for the truth. Please take all necessary precautions for your safety.



  02/08/2004, 14:02:24






  Assessment - Ivory's Rock Conference Centre

Elan Vital Australia's website at  offers a free PDF document that is at the bottom of the above-mentioned page.  This PDF document can be viewed at this url and is provides a link to The Prem Rawat Foundation Webstite ( 

Within this free downloadable document it states that Prem Rawat, a/k/a "Maharaji" does not advertise or charge fees for attendance at his speaking events, and that he does not teach a religion, dogma or doctrine.  It's repeated many times that he doesn't teach anything that is religious or dogmatic.

At the "" website are FAQs that also state that Maharaji doesn not teach a religion.  The following url takes you to the FAQ page of "The Prem Rawat Foundation":




  02/08/2004, 21:24:20






  Assessment - Ivory's Rock Conference Centre

Well done Nya. I salute your courage in issuing this document, & I'm sure it has caused a ruffling of the divine feathers back in Goon Central Malibu. I'm also sure that the sycophants will be advising the Perfect One that he doesn't have too much to worry about legally. Ethically is another matter,but since when has that ever been a consideration?

The crux of your argument seems to be this. ...It appears that the company may have been trading while insolvent, and apparently breaks  the criteria for a non-profit association, that of providing no benefit to an individual....

Everything else is irrelevant. There's no law which says you can't give your money to whomever you want. Tax avoidence & tax evasion aren't the same,& so on & so what the surprisingly (lol) clued up Q has to say in the catbox.

Their tactics are despicable, & show an increasing fear that the show is running out of steam; sorry, mugs prepared to put their hard earned surplus readies at the disposal of a megalomaniac.

In the end though, as someone once said, the only inevitable things are death & taxes, & as it appears the Satguru may have, no doubt inadvertently(lol), trousered other people's (ie non followers) tax money on his blissful journey to 40,000 feet,it's up to the powers that be to get it back.

I've spent a long time thinking about the basis of this scam, & how it's watertight from the Lotus' point of view.

There's a storm & a tree branch falls on your skylight,cracks it a bit so you put in an insurance claim; the insurance company sends you a cheque for £200 to repair it, but you decide you can live with a d.i.y repair & spend the money on something else.Not illegal, or is it?

Because it is a not-for-profit organisation, EV cannot enter into profit making activities such as charging admission fees to events. However, a glance at the Amaroo registration package ‘Booking and Entry Conditions’ shows how close to the legal horizon EV (UK) sails, stating bluntly that ‘registration is US $410’”

Yeah, now that is interesting. EV(UK) has made payments which include UK taxpayers' money to EV(Aus).

Take care.



  02/08/2004, 22:10:38


  Nya Alison Murray




  Assessment - Ivory's Rock Conference Centre

Thanks Pat and all for your kind comments.

Actually there is quite a strong case for fraud. Not only trading while insolvent, but soliciting donations and contributions while insolvent to continue to trade while insolvent long term is quite another matter.



  02/09/2004, 21:11:28






  Assessment - Ivory's Rock Conference Centre

I, too, congratulate you, Nya, on putting together a thorough report that presents a clear picture of fraud and deception.  I've also had the pleasure of reading some of the Catbox replies which, for all their rude bluster, are characteristically wan and empty. 

I've recently been reading about a large, multi-million dollar pyramid or ponzi scheme and I must say, when I read your post, that's the image that came to mind.  This apparent fraud isn't quite the same but it's not so far from it either.  The inescapable picture which emerges from your report is one of a con artist who keeps getting people to "lend" him money on false pretences.  Unlike regular fraud artists who gain their victims' trust and funds (and often trust funds) with false documents and phony character references, Rawat enjoys the exaggerated trust of a cult leader.  If a stock promoter tells you to leave no room for doubt in your mind, at minimum you might seek a second opinion;  but if your Lord and Master says so, there's no one in the world you can safely turn to.  Normal unscrupulous stock promoters soften their marks with false documents of one kind or another but if your Lord and Master invites you to lend or invest in one of his properties, who needs any paperwork?  It's not as if you're going to do "due diligence" on the person who shows you the secret of love with every passing breath.

Some premie, might have been Catweasel, makes the point that the "Corporations are all legally audited and legitimate under Australian law."  But I'm sure the authorities have never closely examined the interconnectivity of these various bodies and, if there is any malfeasance, that's where they'll find it. 

So now the premies and their new legal advisor, Q the Laughing Dullard, scoff at your dossier.  They claim that you've got no proof but that's what investigations are all about.  The question is will your report be enough to trigger any real concern about Rawat's Australian holdings or not?  If it will, the authorities will have ample chance to seek out whatever evidence they can.  Q and the rest confuse the level of proof needed to launch an investigation with what might be needed to take a matter to court.  That's a big mistake.

The premies also make much of the fact that you got some -- not all but some -- of your information from various leaked documents.  I'm no expert in Aussie law like Q or Cat are but I'd bet big that there, like here, the sourcing of those documents might be an issue for one tribunal but not another.  In other words, the person who leaked those documents, if indeed that's what happened, might well be held accountable for doing so but that's not at all the same as saying that the state is thereby estopped from ever using them, especially when they're provided in the context of legitimate whistle-blowing.  Here they're simply part of your report. They're there to trigger the authorities' interest, nothing more.  Once the authorities take the matter up, like I said, they'll do their own investigation and I'm sure many, many more interesting documents may see the light of day.

On the other hand, it's also possible that nothing will happen.  The authorities might, as the Catbox experts predict, find nothing of serious enough concern to warrant their involvement.  I honestly think fair-minded people could disagree about this.  I'm sure bigger, even more worthy investigations, if you can call them that, have not proceeded for this reason or that.  By the same token, however, I'm sure that much lesser alleged frauds have lit the investigators' imaginations.  I mean, who could have really said that Martha Stewart would be spending her days in court for her alleged crime?  Again, reasonable people could have predicted one way or the other there. 

I think that's the case here too.  No one knows for sure what the Aussies will do.  I guess, Cat and Q, all you can do now is pray, huh?

"Oh Maharaji, please, Lord, do not let the Australian authorities take Nya's report seriously.  Because, if you do, Lord, that will throw me even further into doubt.  Please, Lord, I beg you ...."


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