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Oldie But Goodie!
 Posted by: Oldie But Goodie
 Date: 06/28/2005, 11:33:05
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Talk from a few old time premies recently brought back the old conundrum - I must have Maharaji, my lord, my all to me, but I cannot stand his organization and his organizers. Sitting around with him drinking and smoking, gave the feeling that "I don't want to be here." What happened to that effort to bring The Knowledge to people of the world. It is startling for them to realize that Maharaji, in the guise of The Prem Rawat Foundation, has a $20 million annual budget, and gives $1 million to charity yearly and only 200 people outside of India received Knowledge all y ear last year. That means NINETY-FIVE CENTS OF EVERY DOLLAR GOES TO ADMINISTRATIVE EXPENSES (total NINETEEN MILLION DOLLARS). For what? This is what is defined as a sham for a non-profit charity.

The old timers want satsang like it was prior to 1983, when the ashrams were still open and satsang was given by anyone and everyone - not just M and his instructors. Three-day programs with Maharaji were filled with satsang and music and dance. They want to return to that wonderful time of yesteryear when there was no internet and no ex-premies around -- just a smiling teenager who claimed to be The Lord of The Universe and had some big honchos at his side at all times - not some bigshot lawyer born overseas. "The Lord of the Universe" was sung wherever he went and wherever he might go. They want the celebrity cult, they don't want the "peace/meditation/propagation" cult. They want to smoke and drink with him, kiss his feet, his ass, his ________. He's got a wife, a mistress and perhaps a few cuties stashed around the world, no doubt. If he cheated on one, I'm sure he'll cheat on the others. He's disgusting. A total "rhymes with glass-bowl." His old-time "students" realize that he has nothing left to teach them (never did) - except more bathroom humor and third world villager stories. His 8th-grade education can take him only so far. The number of his students has dwindled to only a handful, and his organizers struggle mightily to have the seats filled-up with warm bodies in the half-empty halls around Europe and America. He travels only to a few selected cities - tours of Milwaukee, Washington, Boston, Atlanta, Chicago, Seattle, Vancouver, New Orleans, Salt Lake City, Kansas City, St. Louis, Dallas ARE ALL PERMANENTLY OVER. Never gonna happen again. Who can afford all that travel. For what results? Americans don't give a crap about some happy talk guru, who has a shady side that can be easily researched online.

Some of the oldtimers will gather again this weekend in Miami Beach for another steamy show, with the same stale jokes, lousy air flow, same-ol-same-ol videos for sale. Along with a $3 mealy apple at the food concessions. Many won't fly down for the holiday weekend because. . . . well, just because. To hear him yelling at his students for their failure at propagation isn't just as appealing as it once was - when we battled in full armor the enemy - OUR MIND. Now, Mr. Mind has just nuzzled up to its old ways. Freaking us out, not letting us surrender to Him, Our Lord and Savior. What a bunch of horseshit.

5 Brighter than 1000 suns as seen through night vision goggles
4 As bright as the lights on Maharaji's jet
3 As bright as a 60 watt light bulb
2 As bright as a pile of burning ghi on a swinging arti tray
1 As bright as the inner light as seen by the third eye

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